I have a new heart and life, thanks to Baylor Scott & White.

Larry Brinegar had been experiencing shortness of breath and chest pressure for quite some time, but he ignored it. “I didn’t go to the doctor. I thought, ‘It’ll just go away.’” When he finally got checked at his local Baylor Scott & White Medical Center, tests showed Larry’s heart was pumping at only 13 percent. After an emergency quadruple bypass, doctors told him he needed a heart transplant. Larry’s multiple medical conditions excluded him from some transplant lists, but Baylor Scott & White Health gave him a chance when others wouldn’t. After two years of waiting, Larry got his new heart. Today, his medical conditions are under control, and he’s thankful for his second chance at life. “Before I got my new heart, I could barely breathe, like a fish out of water. The transplant fixed that. I can tell things are changing for the better.”