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Grow your retirement

Empower Retirement

  • Find your way through financial uncertainty

    Two-part webinar series

    Learn how to reach your financial goals and discover information about available resources by participating in this webinar series focused on retirement savings.

  • CARES Act

    Added relief for people in retirement plans

    Watch this 8-minute video to learn details and eligibility around the relief the CARES Act provides for those in need, and considerations to think about if you are financially stressed. 

  • Navigate bumpy markets

    The history of the financial markets can tell us one thing for certain: Volatility is a normal part of investing. Understand what that means for you and what you can do to stay on track for retirement.

While you’re reviewing your benefits, it’s a good idea to check on your retirement savings. Keep in mind you can sign up, make changes and adjust your retirement savings account at any time during the year through Empower Retirement. You choose a percentage of your salary to save.

Because we want your retirement savings to grow, we match your contribution dollar for dollar up to the first 5% of your eligible pay. You become 100% vested in the employer match after three years of employment. 

Sign up for your retirement plan anytime through Empower Retirement. It only takes a few minutes and you don't want to miss out on the employer match! 

The Empower site helps you: 

  • Make before-tax or Roth (after-tax) contribution elections 
  • Enroll in auto increase to make saving easier 
  • Update your beneficiary(ies) 
  • See how much income you may have in retirement 
  • Make changes to improve your retirement security 
  • View your Lifetime Income Score summary 
  • Process a rollover 
  • Make additional catch-up contributions (if you are 50 or older*). This requires a separate election with Empower.  

This site summarizes the programs and benefits available to employees and their eligible dependents. Official plan documents, policies and certificates of insurance that contain the details, conditions, maximum benefit levels and restrictions on benefits govern our benefits program and are available on this site. In case of a conflict between this site and the official documents, the official documents prevail. The information on this site isn't a guarantee of benefits. Baylor Scott & White reserves the right to modify or terminate its employee benefit plans and programs at any time for any reason.

Click here if you have feedback on the website or need to report an issue. All other questions and issues, please contact the corresponding resource on the Need Help page.

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