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Life and AD&D 

We provide basic employee life and AD&D to all benefits-eligible employees
In addition to the basic coverage, we offer supplemental plans for both types of coverage
For you (Basic)
We provide basic employee life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance from Cigna that pays a benefit to your beneficiary equal to one time your annual base salary — with a minimum of $20,000 and a maximum of $500,000*. There’s no medical underwriting, and coverage begins on your first day of active employment
For you (Supplemental)
Supplemental plans are available for purchase up to 7 times salary with a maximum of $2,000,000. During annual enrollment, you can increase your current coverage by one time without medical underwriting!

Anything that exceeds 1 time requires underwriting through Cigna. They will reach out to you after the close of enrollment with more information.
For your spouse (Supplemental)
You can insure your spouse up to $250,000, but the total can’t be more than your coverage amount. Up to $75,000 can be elected without medical underwriting. Any amount that exceeds this limit will require medical underwriting with Cigna.
For your children (supplemental)
You can purchase a $10,000 life insurance benefit for your children.
The amount of life insurance available to you and your spouse reduces at certain ages while insured.

If you have reached age 65, but not age 70, you and your spouse's amount of life insurance will be 65% of the amount of life insurance you had prior to age 65.

If you have reached age 70 or more, you and your spouse's amount of life insurance will be 50% of the amount you had prior to the first reduction.

*Other coverage levels for life, AD&D and disability are available for certain executive and physician roles and are ​visible in the PeoplePlace enrollment system.​



The loss of a loved one is an emotional time that can make it hard to think clearly. You and your family may feel overwhelmed by legal paperwork and financial decisions. That’s why we offer life planning services available to Cigna life and AD&D insurance beneficiaries. The services include financial and legal support and grief counseling.

To learn more about life planning financial and legal services, contact Cigna at 800.570.3778.

This site summarizes the programs and benefits available to employees and their eligible dependents. Official plan documents, policies and certificates of insurance that contain the details, conditions, maximum benefit levels and restrictions on benefits govern our benefits program and are available on this site. In case of a conflict between this site and the official documents, the official documents prevail. The information on this site isn't a guarantee of benefits. Baylor Scott & White reserves the right to modify or terminate its employee benefit plans and programs at any time for any reason.

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