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Earn, use and sell/donate PTO


Paid Time Off (PTO) Overview

Our paid time off (PTO) benefits give you flexible options that respond to your life and needs. If you’re a regular full-time or part-time employee, you earn PTO to use for holidays, vacations, sick days and other personal reasons.

When it comes to your PTO, you can:

  • Earn based on the number of regular hours you work—and you earn more the longer you work for us.
  • Earn starting on your first day of work and can use them immediately—with no waiting period.
  • Check your balance in PeoplePlace Time and Attendance.
  • Accrue while on PTO, jury duty and bereavement leave —but you can't accrue while you're on a leave of absence, overtime or other types of pay not considered eligible for PTO.
  • Carryover up to 200 hours of PTO to the next calendar year—those with more than 200 hours after the first pay period of the new calendar year ("pay period 1") will have their balances reduced to 200 hours at the beginning of pay period 2.
  • Sell and/or donate your PTO each year during the annual sell/donate campaign.

The chart below shows how PTO accrual works for most employees. Two-day-alternative employees, non-TDA employees in the North Texas Division hired before June 15, 1992, earn PTO at different rates. All employees at the director level and above participate in the Senior Management Time-Off program. To learn more about the regular PTO policy and the Senior Management Time-Off program, view policy below (BSWconnect access required).

Image of chart

Sell/Donate PTO

Time is money! Sell or donate your PTO each year (Oct. 14 - Nov. 6, 2019). Payment and/or donation will be reflected on the Nov. 1 or Nov. 15 paycheck.

  • Sell up to 40 hours per calendar year
    If you sell PTO, you will receive 90% of your hourly pay rate (due to IRS regulations) multiplied by the number of hours sold. The amount sold will be subject to applicable payroll taxes and is 401(k) eligible.

  • Donate up to 40 hours per calendar year
    You can donate to one of the four Baylor Scott & White Foundations, United Way or both! This year, if you donate to a BSW Foundation, your gift will go to support the Employees 1st Emergency Fund, and if you choose United Way, funds will support areas of greatest need.

”As a long-tenured employee, the generous PTO accrual and option to sell/donate PTO has allowed me to use my time in meaningful ways. I donate some of my hours, sell some to use for holiday gifts, take time off for our annual family vacation and save some to roll over into the next year." — Lily Lieu, HR Business Partner II
  • Looking for disability leave information?

    Short-term, long-term, maternity, parental and adoption leave

    View a detailed breakdown of how each type of leave is covered.

This site summarizes the programs and benefits available to employees and their eligible dependents. Official plan documents, policies and certificates of insurance that contain the details, conditions, maximum benefit levels and restrictions on benefits govern our benefits program and are available on this site. In case of a conflict between this site and the official documents, the official documents prevail. The information on this site isn't a guarantee of benefits. Baylor Scott & White reserves the right to modify or terminate its employee benefit plans and programs at any time for any reason.

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