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Baylor Scott & White Direct Care DFW

Become a member

About our membership model

Membership medicine is a system of healthcare in which a fee is paid for the services that will be provided to the patient. It is not much different from traditional healthcare, but the differences completely benefit you, the patient.

On top of that, we ensure healthcare providers have a manageable number of patients, so your doctor will have more time to spend with you and work on your health.

Membership benefits
In addition to access to comprehensive primary care with extended hours, same-day appointments, personal concierge scheduling and access to the MyBSWHealth app, we offer our members the following perks.
Your membership includes an annual 60-minute consultation with a registered dietitian to create a personalized nutrition plan.
Your membership includes an annual 60-minute consultation with a doctor of psychology for a personalized mental and emotional health evaluation and plan.
Integrative Medicine Experts - $100 Value
Your membership includes an annual 60-minute consultation with a certified acupuncturist to create a personalized, holistic approach to your health.
With your membership, you'll also receive access to the Larry North Fitness Center — included at no additional cost to you.
Frequently asked questions
If I have insurance, do I need to pay an annual fee?
Yes, as we are a membership based practice and we cater to our members, all patients are required to pay the annual membership fee.
Do you accept Medicare?
Yes, We accept Medicare A and B, and most Medicare Advantage plans.
What if I don't have insurance?
We have discounted self-pay rates for office visits as well as lab services.
Do I have to pay a membership fee before being seen at this clinic?
No. We offer every patient an opportunity to come in and be seen by one of our quality providers before making a decision to join. We hope that every patient will see the value of the membership through the same day access, extended time with providers, exemplary service and quality care you receive.
Is the fee refundable if I'm not satisfied with my care?
We do not require membership dues until the second visit. However after the second visit if you are not happy with your care, we will certainly offer a refund on your membership. ​​​
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