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Hospital Amenities

​​​​​​​​ATMs and Change Machine

An ATM machine is located on the first floor in the main lobby.

Baylor Scott & White Pharmacy #104

Located on the first floor in the atrium of the Plaza 1 professional building on the hospital campus, Baylor Scott & White Pharmacy #104 is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Our pharmacy has a 24-hour automated voice response system, so you may enter your refill request or leave a message for the staff at any time throughout the day. Press 0 to speak to a live person.

New Patients/Update Existing Patient Information

 If you are a new patient or want to update your information, please fill out the form below and fax it to our pharmacy at 972.512.1580. We will create a new patient profile for you or update your existing profile.

Prescription Refills

If you are an established patient and wish to refill a prescription, please call our 24-hour automated line at 972.512.1581. Follow the prompts and enter the number of the prescription you wish to refill. Your prescription will be filled within two business hours after the system accepts your refill request. Please be sure to include a phone number where we can contact you in case there is a problem.

If you have no refills left on your prescription, please let us know and we will gladly fax a refill request to your physician’s office on your behalf.

Surescripts E-prescribing Pharmacy

We also are a Surescripts E-prescribing pharmacy. This service enables a Surescripts participating physician to send us your prescription electronically. Physicians who are not E-prescribers may call in a prescription or fax it to the pharmacy.

Cell Phone, Pager and PDA Use

Cell phone use is permitted in all areas of the building. As a courtesy, please refrain from using your cell phone during procedures or clinical visits with Baylor Scott & White – Carrollton employees and physicians on the medical staff.


A chapel is located on the first floor and is open 24 hours a day. Visitors are welcome to visit the chapel for prayer and quiet reflection. To speak to a chaplain, please contact your nurse or dial 0.​

Internet Access

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hospital.

Room Telephone

Telephones are provided in each patient room, except in the intensive care unit. Patients may make calls from their phone by pressing 9, then the 10-digit phone number. Incoming calls will be routed to your room between the hours of 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. Calls received after hours will be routed to your nurse’s station. Courtesy phones are available for guest use and are located on the first floor across from the conference room and in the waiting rooms.

Long-distance toll calls can be made by dialing 9+0 and waiting for the prompts. Calls can be charged to the called party (collect) or charged to a credit or calling card. The hospital operator cannot make these calls.

Key Telephone Extensions – See the phone directory.

Spiritual Care

We believe that total patient care demands attention to the spiritual, as well as the physical and emotional needs of each patient. Members of the Pastoral Services staff are available to assist you, whatever your religious persuasion. Your priest, minister, imam or rabbi is always welcome to visit you while you are here.


Baylor Scott & White – Carrollton​ provides TVs free of charge in each room. The television controls are built into the bed controls. Contact a nurse for assistance with the television controls or for a listing of channels.

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