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Joint Replacement

​​​​​Hip, knee and shoulder joints undergo an incredible amount of pressure and can be the source of a lot of pain. Over time, these joints can become susceptible to arthritis, everyday wear or injury.

In recent years, joint replacement surgery has made significant improvements, with minimally invasive techniques available. Our experts in orthopedic surgery can perform the procedure with specially designed instruments to insure the socket and bones are prepared and placed properly.

At Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Centennial we can provide relief through hip and knee replacements, and through a number of shoulder procedures.

There are numerous benefits associated with minimally invasive joint replacement compared to the traditional method of surgery, which may include:

  • Smaller incisions
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Less muscle damage
  • Less discomfort after the procedure
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Faster rehabilitation
  • Earlier return to work

Joint replacement surgery, whether traditional or minimally invasive, is performed to help decrease pain, increase mobility and improve quality of life.

If you have not felt relief with other treatments including exercise, walking aids or medication, you may be a candidate for joint replacement surgery. Talk with your doctor and find out how we can help restore your quality of life.​​

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