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Comprehensive Cancer Care Close to Home

​​​​​A New Era in Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Comes to College Station

Healing GardenBaylor Scott & White Medical Center – College Station is proud to unveil the region’s newest full-service Cancer Center, eliminating the need to travel elsewhere for the complete, personalized care and robust support patients need on their journey from cancer patient to cancer survivor. 

Backed by the resources of Baylor Scott & White Health, Texas’ largest not-for-profit healthcare system, Baylor Scott & White – College Station’s new multi-million dollar Cancer Center offers:

  • Advanced cancer-fighting technology
  • Experienced caregivers and cancer care specialists on the medical staff
  • Support services designed to coordinate and ease the cancer care journey 
  • Warm, comfortable environment to promote healing
  • Access to forward-thinking clinical trials for promising new therapies

Types of Cancer Treated | Comprehensive Treatment | Patient Navigation | Support Services | Healing Environment

Types of Cancer Treated

Physicians walkingThe new Baylor Scott & White Cancer Center – College Station is equipped to address tumors and cancers regardless of where in the body they occur. No two patients or cancers are alike, so we offer custom care plans for every patient and his or her disease.

Our comprehensive program can care for a number of types of cancers:

  • Blood & Lymphoma
  • Brain & Spinal Cord
  • Breast
  • Digestive
  • Endocrine
  • Gynecologic
  • Liver
  • Lung
  • Oral, Head & Neck
  • Pancreas
  • Prostate/Urologic
  • Skin

Comprehensive Treatment Options

Advanced Radiation TherapyFor years, patients in the Bryan-College Station/Brenham area have journeyed far from family and support to receive necessary care. The new Baylor Scott & White Cancer Center – College Station is changing all that by offering quality, comprehensive cancer care close to home for a wide range of cancers.

Types of Cancer Treatment

Experienced surgeons on the medical staff are skilled at removing cancerous tumors from organs and tissue, as well as functional repair and aesthetic repair (plastic surgery) of damaged structures, including breast reconstruction.

Chemotherapy/Medical Therapy
Choose a private or group space for infusion treatments in a serene setting that looks out over a peaceful garden with a waterfall.

Radiation Therapy
Home to the newest radiation therapy technology in the region, our advanced radiation delivery system offers enhanced safety features, improved accuracy and reduced treatment times.

Clinical Trials
As part of one of the 10 largest healthcare systems in the nation, we can connect patients in need with some of the world’s most promising clinical trials for a number of different types of cancer.

Our Patient Navigation Program exists to guide patients and their families through the often complex journey and decisions associated with treating cancer. Our patient navigator handles logistical and administrative details large and small, allowing patients and families to focus on healing.

Our patient navigator is available to patients after an initial biopsy and can help:

  • provide education and answer questions about the cancer care process and what to expect
  • coordinate appointments with various specialists and departments
  • obtain/assist with referrals for additional evaluations and appointments
  • gather medical records
  • assist with access to clinical trials or referrals to other programs/facilities
  • provide information on support groups and programs

In addition to patient navigation, the new Cancer Center also features a financial counselor to assist families. 

Support Services

Besides advanced surgical and medical therapies to treat cancer and prevent its return, the new Baylor Scott & White Cancer Center – College Station offers a host of complementary services to enhance care and the overall patient and family experience.

  • Nutrition counseling: find the right diet vital to overall health and gaining the energy necessary for the fight against cancer.
  • Palliative care:  complementary treatments to alleviate pain and control symptoms, and provide guidance for those with late-stage disease.
  • Genetic counseling: familial cancer risk assessments, helping patients and their families form a plan of action for cancer screening and monitoring.

The new Cancer Center also features a special boutique with support products for patients undergoing cancer treatment. Patients can find specialized skin products for use throughout their treatment, head covers, prosthesis for breast cancer patients and much more. Family members also can find uplifting gifts at the boutique.

Healing Environment

Healing GardenThe new Baylor Scott & White Cancer Center – College Station was designed and built to optimize the care experience for cancer patients and their loved ones. The architecture and layout were planned to ease the flow of patients from one area or unit to the next.

A beautiful healing garden with a waterfall is the focal point of our infusion center for chemotherapy. The infusion center also allows patients to receive therapy in the company of other cancer patients or in a private setting if desired.

In our radiation oncology unit, patients receive radiation therapy from an advanced linear accelerator that has features designed to deliver a more comfortable therapeutic experience.

The goal of the new Cancer Center is to be a place where patients want to go to heal.     

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