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​​​​​​​Baylor University Medical Center has many nationally recognized centers of excellence, which we highlight in a variety of magazines and newsletters.

Baylor Innovations magazine

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  • Summer 2016 (Life-Saving Cardiac Care, Are Dietary Supplements Safe?, Stopping Urinary Incontinence, Developing Resilience​ and more)
  • Winter 2016 (Cancer's Genetic Insights, Irregular Heart Beats, Saturated Fats, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and more)
  • Fall 2015 (Clinical Trials, Joint Replaced, Healthier Liver and ​Elderly Care)
  • Summer 2015 (Surgical Recovery, Breast Cancer, Heart Surgery, Kidney Disease and Neonatal Tech)
  • Spring ​2015 (Lung Diseases, Tumors in the Skull, Chest Surgery, One-​Day Hip and Feeding Program)

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