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The BMT Journey

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Having cared for hundreds of BMT patients, our experienced team is by each patient’s side throughout the entire transplantation process anticipating needs, answering all questions, linking to appropriate resources, and providing physical, emotional, and spiritual support. Every patient receives a detailed manual that covers every aspect of the type of transplant he or she is receiving. Baylor Charles A Sammons Cancer Center offers a variety of educational and support classes to help BMT patients throughout their journey. After transplant, a long-term care follow-up team will work with each patient and his or her family to provide lifelong care and support.

A BMT is a multi-phased treatment that can span several months from beginning to end:

  • Initial assessment and consultation
  • Treatment planning
  • Preparing for the transplant
  • Preparing the patient
  • Undergoing the transplant
  • Engraftment process
  • Recovering
  • Follow-up

Initial assessment and consultation

  • The first step for most transplant patients is an initial assessment and consultation with a transplant oncologist on the medical staff at Baylor University Medical Center, who specializes in the treatment of blood cancers with stem cell transplantation. The oncologist will complete a comprehensive assessment and recommend treatment options.
  • The patient and his or her caregiver and/or family will also meet with a transplant nurse and a patient access services representative who will discuss financial aspects of the transplant.
  • Potential patients are given a packet of transplant information to take home.
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