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Nutrition and Weight Management Center

​​​​​​Baylor Scott & White Nutrition and Weight Management Center offers quality and comprehensive care for patients suffering from nutrition and weight issues.

The Baylor Scott & White Nutrition and Weight Management Center is a comprehensive medical and surgical weight management center, focusing on nutrition, physical activity and long-term lifestyle improvements and offers medical weight loss supplements and medications. We are partnered with a bariatric surgeon and behavioral psychologist and are supported by nutritionists/dieticians, personal trainers and life coaches.

Costs of the Nutrition Weight Management Center:

  • Physician and medical follow-up visits will be billed to the participant’s insurance; however, usual deductibles and co-pays will apply, according to the enrollee's plan.
  • Behavioral Health Consultation, if needed, will be billed to participant’s insurance.
  • Dietitian visit and 12-week Group Lifestyle Balance class will cost $240. Payment may be made by check or credit card. Payment plans are available.

Group Lifestyle Balance classes are offered:

  • Tuesdays / noon to 1:15 pm / Baylor University Medical Center Campus, 3500 Gaston Ave., Dallas, TX 75246
  • Tuesdays / 5:30-7 pm / MedProvider, 3417 Gaston Ave., Dallas, TX 75246
  • Wednesdays / 5-6:30 pm / Weight Loss Surgery Center of Dallas, 9101 N. Central Expressway, Dallas, TX 75231
  • Additional classes and locations will be added as needed

Course Topics Include:

  • Basic principles of healthy eating
  • Tips and tools to identify high-calorie and high-fat foods
  • Exercise principles
  • Problem-solving techniques for changing behavior
  • Taking charge of your environment
  • Strategies for dining out
  • Making social cues work for you
  • Ways to stay motivated
  • Strategies for long-term success

To be ELIGIBLE for the 12-week program:

  • BMI of 30 or above, or BMI above 27 with significant obesity related co-morbidities
  • Age 18+

To ENROLL in any of the Dallas locations, call 214.820.9138 or email us at

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