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Patient Admission Information for Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Hillcrest

​​​​​Here are some helpful things to remember when you are registering for admission at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Hillcrest. The main registration desk and patient accounting must have a copy of your personal identification (i.e.: driver’s license, Social Security card), a copy of your insurance card and all applicable insurance authorization forms. Patients are responsible for providing all updated information including, but not limited to, change of address, phone number, insurance carrier and the co-payment amount. During registration, patients must sign the “Consent to Treatment Form,” Disclosure of Healthcare Information Form” and additional forms if covered by Medicare, Medicaid or Champus, or if no insurance is present at all. Patient Registration may be reached at 254.202.9200.


Parking for Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Hillcrest is most easily accessible via the southbound I-35 access road. For our emergency patients, parking is located off of Corporation Drive or Cross Lake Drive. Parking for the Women’s & Children’s Center is most easily accessible via the southbound I-35 access road or Corporation Drive from the west. Parking is free-of-charge.

What to Bring to the Hospital (and what to leave at home)

Baylor Scott & White – Hillcrest cannot be responsible for the replacement of personal belongings, so it is recommended that you leave your valuables, such as jewelry and cash, at home or with a trusted friend or relative during your stay.  BSW – Hillcrest does maintain a safe to hold money, jewelry and other valuables that cannot be sent home.  If you would like to deposit valuables in the safe, please call Security at 254.202.5400.  Contact lenses, eyeglasses, hearing aids and dentures should be stored in your bedside stand when not in use.  Please don’t leave them on the bed or food tray as they may be damaged or lost.  All personal electrical equipment (i.e.: hair dryers, radios, razors) brought into the hospital must be checked by Biomedical Engineering before use.  Please tell a nurse if you have equipment that needs to be checked.

Patient Relations

If you have questions or concerns, contact Patient Relations at 254-202.9680.

Patient Rooms and Privacy

Your name may appear on a census board at the nursing desk to assist all of your care givers as they organize your care. If you wish your name not to appear on this board, your room door or other areas, please inform the nursing staff. The omission of your name will in no way compromise your care. Likewise, if for any reason you wish your admission as a patient at Baylor Scott & White not to be made known should you receive telephone calls or inquiries, please tell the nursing staff who will notify the medical center telephone operator.

Discharge Information

Small equipment items are available that are not intended to be disposable or taken home on discharge. These items include: remote controls for TV, telephone, heating pads, clocks, linens and pillows.

Other items are one-patient use items which you are welcome to take home with you. These items include: plastic bedpans, urinals, emesis basins and bath basins. Dressings and other hospital supplies may be given to you by your nurse or other staff.

You will receive instructions from your physician and nurses as well as other members of the care team on the day of discharge. Please do not leave the unit until you have been given these instructions in writing by the RN on duty.

Smoking Policy

As a leader in promoting healthy lifestyles, Baylor Scott & White is the first Central Texas healthcare organization to make the move to a tobacco-free environment. For the health of all, Baylor Scott & White asks that you refrain from indoor and outdoor tobacco use while on the property of any Baylor Scott & White facility.

Student Involvement

Baylor Scott & White is a teaching institution. On occasion, care may be provided by students because they are in an approved education program. A Baylor Scott & White staff member will always be involved in all aspects of care in addition to student care given.

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