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Adult Volunteer Program

​​​​​​Interested in becoming a Baylor Scott & White Adult Volunteer? Below you can find information about the requirements which must be completed before your volunteer experience begins with the Baylor Scott & White family. Please review the volunteer requirements carefully before filling out an application. Hope you will join us soon!

The approval of all applicants will be conditional based upon results of all requirements.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact us 512.654.5073​.


Call Human Resources to discuss the current opportunities available, assign a suitable position and shift schedule.

Some positions will require the ability to wheel patients in wheelchairs; able to use computers; multi-tasking; able to answer/transfer phone calls; work in sensitive areas; lift 10 lbs; walking; follow and take direction.

Shifts are 4 hours long and require at least 1 day per week commitment for a minimum of 4 months.

Tests and Vaccines

Baylor Scott & White requires an annual Tuberculosis test, drug test, and flu shot (seasonal). All tests will be scheduled after position and shift is established. All tests are paid by Baylor Scott & White. Do not give your insurance information or pay for any of these requirements.

  • TB tests are conducted by our Employee Health Nurse A TB test is a small injection given on the left forearm, slightly under the skin. Those who have a positive result may be asked to have a chest x-ray. Those that have a reading of a false-positive will need to discuss previous false-positive results with our Employee Health Nurse before another test is given.
  • Reading of test will occur 48 – 72 hours after injection. ** Prior to your injection day, be sure you can return for the reading**
  • Already had a TB test in the last 12 months? Bring a copy of your results for our files.
  • Drug test are performed by Quest Diagnostics
  • You will be given a lab order form for your drug screening. Your drug screening can be performed at any Quest Diagnostics location with this lab order form. Please do not give your insurance information or pay for the drug screen.
  • Drug test will be a urine test.
  • You will be required to show a photo ID at Quest. (driver’s license or passport)
  • Nearest Quest location to Baylor Scott & White is located in the Lohmans Crossing Shopping Center, 1310 S. 620 in Lakeway, phone: 512.263.6947. They accept walk in’s and appointments. Check their website or call for hours of operation. (
  • Baylor Scott & White will receive results within 3 days
  • A positive result? You will be required to provide a list of medications, the name of the prescribing physician and contact # for verification.
  • Any positive result of illegal drugs will disqualify you from volunteering.
  • Flu shots are given during flu season only. Baylor Scott & White will have a flu shot clinic at the beginning of flu season. If you apply to be a volunteer after flu clinic ends, you will be administered the flu shot at the same time as the TB by our Employee Health Nurse.
  • Flu season begins in the Fall and runs through early Spring.
  • Will be required to fill out Employee Flu form.
  • Already had the season flu shot? Bring a copy of your receipt or confirmation from your doctor.
  • Can’t have the flu shot for medical or religious reasons? Discuss with Employee Health Nurse.

What if I Don’t want a flu shot?

  • You will be required to wear a mask during your volunteer shift.
  • Volunteering in sensitive patient areas such as ICU, or NICU will disqualify you during flu season.


  • You will be issued a uniform jacket once all requirements are complete.
  • You must wear your uniform during your shift. Uniforms are expected to be kept neat and clean.
  • Slacks, khakis, or dress pants are acceptable. Please do not wear jeans.
  • Close-toed shoes are required. 


Identification badges are issued through our Human Resources Department. You will need to schedule an appointment with Human Resources to get your badge made. Your photo, name and department (Volunteer Services) will be indicated on the badge.

  • A Baylor Scott & White ID badge is required of all volunteers and staff. This will identify you as being a part of the Baylor Scott & White family and allow you entry to specific areas of the hospital.
  • Must be worn at all times while volunteering.
  • Badge must be worn above the waist and visible.

Training and Orientation

  • Must attend Baylor Scott & White volunteer orientation.
  • You will be required to read Baylor Scott & White’s General Hospital Orientation and sign acknowledgement form.
  • Volunteer Services will provide you with the Volunteer Handbook to read. You will need to sign the acknowledgement form on the last page and submit to Human Resources.
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