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Fitness Plus

Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center

Fitness Plus Membership Program

For the fitness enthusiast who may have plateaued and is looking to take their workout to the next level. For the mother with the demanding work load that needs her mind and body in tip top shape. For the older adult looking to maintain or even increase their mobility, stability and strength… We now offer the Fitness Plus Membership Program!

Fitness Plus provides access to all basic membership offerings at Tom Landry Health and Wellness Center, along with full access to Bodhi, BOGA and Reformer classes.

A woman works out on a fitness machine
Fitness Plus sessions
Suspension Training
A form of resistance training, suspension training allows you to work against your own body weight.
Tread and Shred
Dual, high performance class that incorporates cardio through interval training on the treadmills and strength & conditioning through the use of suspension cables, kettlebells, etc.
BOGA Fit mat
Float your mat in this new water work out that blends moves to challenge core muscles and balance.
High Performance Reformer Pilates
Our signature Reformer classes are designed to strengthen and tone your entire body.
Traditional Reformer Pilates
Effective reformer Pilates classes utilize spring controlled resistance to build core strength, increase flexibility, endurance and coordination.
Bodhi Suspension
Learn how to use Bodhi Suspension System ropes to strengthen, stretch and balance utilizing two, three and four points of suspension.


Classes can be purchased in packages. Attendees must reserve classes prior to attending. Limited participants per class.

To reserve Reformer Pilates, Bodhi, and BOGA classes please email Vennie Jones and to reserve Tread and Shred classes please email Justin Walters.

  • Single Session: $30
  • 10 classes (member): $200
  • 10 classes (nonmember): $250

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