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Online Fitness Classes

Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center

To do our part in flattening the curve and preventing the spread of COVID-19, we’re offering classes and exercise programs for free here for members and friends. Join us online by watching below or following us on Facebook for the latest exercise classes and tips.

65+/Low Impact 


Whether or not you're over the age of 65, our instructor will guide you through these easy stretching exercises that anyone can do — all you need is a towel!

Band Strength


Work on your upper body strength in your home with these quick exercises using resistance bands.



This fluid dance-inspired class is set to upbeat music to get your heart pumping and provide a total body workout you are sure to love! No dance experience required.

Circuit Training


Participate in timed stations to challenge your cardio and strength — all from the comfort of your home!



A quick video on how to improve your core strength using gliders or alternatives.

Foam Rollers


This class is a must for everyone! Learn how to use the foam roller properly to help your body rest, recover and repair.



Kickstart your week with this energizing kickboxing class.



Get your body moving with this high-intensity interval training workout called Tabata. No weights required!



This class is for all fitness levels and is designed to relax and stretch tight muscles.



Join us for a yogalates session that will work your core and lower body - all you need is a towel!



Join us for a Latin inspired dance class. No dance experience required!

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