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Cancer Workshop

​​​​​​​​Cancer to Health

Cancer to Health (C2H) is an evidence-based, structured and supportive workshop designed for women who have a recent history of a cancer diagnosis. C2H has been shown to significantly improve coping and help people adjust emotionally to the unique challenges they face, from diagnosis to survivorship.

C2H Intervention Statistics*:

  • 55 percent reduced risk for breast cancer recurrence
  • 295 percent improvement in physical functioning at one-year follow-up
  • 57 percent reduction in physical symptoms at one-year follow-up
  • 77 percent reduction in anxiety after four months
  • 104 percent improvement in social support after four months
  • 117 percent improvement in diet and other health behaviors after four months

The C2H program is located at Baylor Sco​tt & White Medical Center – Plano and is led by staff psychologist, Dr. Desire Taylor. Participation involves a one-on-one psychosocial evaluation, two individual sessions and 15 group sessions. Individual sessions are typically billed through insurance, but participation in the group is free.

For more information or to register, please call 469.814.4850.

*Andersen et al., (2004), JCO, 22 (17): 3570-3580 Andersen et al., (2007), BBi, 21 (7): 953-961 Andersen et al., (2008), Cancer, 113 (12): 3450-3458​​​

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