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Health and Wellness Center

​​​We are housed in the Health and Wellness Center (HWC), where cancer survivors receive diagnosis-tailored care in a soothing environment. The HWC includes a gym that offers FitSTEPS for Life; a wellness program for people with cancer. In addition to support services offered by Medical Psychology, cancer survivors can work with nurse navigators; a nutritional counselor; a genetic counselor; and/or a child-life counselor based on their current needs.

FitSTEPS Contact Information:

469.814.2441 or 214.934.3532

Oncology Services Contact Information:

  • Charlotte Farris, RN, Nurse Navigator for Oncolo​gy Services - 469.814.4417
  • Mesha Randall, RN, Nurse Navigator for Oncology Services - 469.814.5713
  • ​Betsy Booth - RN, Patient Navigation Manager - 469.814.5768

Nutritional Counseling Contact Information:


Child-Life Contact Information:


Genetic Counseling Contact Information:


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