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Pain Management

​​​​​​​​​​Baylor Scott & White Pain Management Center at Plano

We're​ committed to comprehensive care of people with chronic pain. Since the establishment of the first Baylor Center for Pain Management 25 years ago, Baylor Scott & White has provided integrated interdisciplinary pain services at each of their Centers. In addition to the highest levels of medical care, we evaluate the impact o​f pain on each patient’s life and provide them with a range of services including medical psychology. 

Patients are provided with a detailed consultation by a neuropsychologist with extensive training and experience in helping people with pain.  We evaluate and provide resources with goals of reducing suffering, increasing activity, resuming valued activities, as well as providing scientifically validated methods to control pain allowing reduced reliance on pain medication. 


Resources include evaluation and comprehensive treatment planning at the Pain Center as well as individual training in effective strategies to reduce pain and suffering and improve activity.  The techniques include CBT, ACT, mindfulness training, and training in stress management skills.

Other resources include an interdisciplinary pain program, ICOPE, which provides structured intensive training and treatment (this is provided at an allied facility.)  Almost 1,000 patients with a wide variety of pain problems have completed this 3-week long outpatient day program.  Published outcome data revealed marked improvements in all areas measured. 

Outcomes include:  

  • 22% reduction in pain intensity
  • 127% increase in effectiveness of techniques to manage pain
  • 75% increase in hours of daily activity
  • 195% improvement in satisfaction with ability to do life activities
  • 64% decline in anxiety & 52% decline in depression
  • 83% report being “much improved” or “very much improved”
  • March 2015, sample of 934 program graduates
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