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Advanced Heart Failure Clinic

Heart failure means your heart can't pump enough blood to meet your body's needs. Over time, conditions such as coronary artery disease or high blood pressure gradually leave your heart too weak or stiff to fill and pump efficiently.

If you have heart failure, your outlook depends on:

  • The cause and the severity
  • Your overall health
  • Other factors such as age

Many people's symptoms and heart function will improve with proper treatment. However, heart failure can be life threatening. It can lead to sudden death. People with severe heart failure have debilitating symptoms, and some may require heart transplantation or support with an artificial heart device.

​Our Team

The Scott & White Heart and Vascular Institute has a team dedicated to the treatment of heart failure. The team, located at Scott & White Clinic - Temple, also provides the medical support for Scott & White's heart transplant program. The cardiologists in this service see advanced heart failure patients, and those who are not candidates for medical or device therapy are referred to cardiac surgeons at the Scott & White Heart and Vascular Institute for further evaluation.

The goals of this program are to:

  • Improve a patient’s symptoms to the best level possible
  • Prevent future acute events of congestive heart failure
  • Avoid repeat admissions to the hospital and emergency department

Services the Clinic Offers:

  • CardioMEMS Heart Failure Monitoring System
  • Clinic and telephone follow-up
  • Patient education focusing on understanding heart failure, medications, nutrition and activity
  • Monitoring patients when starting new medications
  • Utilizing community services to assist patients in obtaining medications and other services
  • Patient Advisory Nurse (PAN) available after clinic hours and on weekends
  • Support group meetings
  • Heart transplant evaluation and preparation

Serving all people by providing personalized health and wellness through exemplary care, education and research.

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