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Transplant Services

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​As the only transplant center between Austin and Dallas, Baylor Scott & White Central Texas' multidisciplinary transplant teams are staffed by qualified physicians, surgeons and highly skilled transplant professionals, offering expertise and compassion in serving the unique needs of transplant surgery patients.

Based at the Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Temple campus, our teams focus on providing personalized care in a supportive, collaborative environment. And our patient-focused approach makes you part of the transplant family as we work together to help you live a longer, healthier life.

With shorter than average wait times and quality outcomes, the Baylor Scott & White Central Texas transplant program offers live-saving opportunities close to home.​

Heart Transplant

The heart transplant program at Baylor Scott & White Central Texas brings together the collective expertise of specialists with extensive experience in transplant surgery and medicine. Our multidisciplinary, integrated team approach to patient care is ideally suited to the complex problems presented by heart transplant patients.

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Temple is the only heart transplant program between Dallas and Austin and has wait times significantly lower than the national average. The Temple transplant program has teams of specialists dedicated to the treatment of advanced heart failure, including transplant cardiologists, surgeons, certified heart failure nurses, transplant coordinators, dietitians and social works, among others. With all of our team members located on the Temple campus, we offer high quality, personalized care in one location.

Our Advanced Heart Failure program offers medical and surgical options for the treatment and management of advanced heart failure, including mechanical circulatory support options such as Ventricular Assist Devices, which is a small implantable device that takes over the pumping function for one or both of the heart’s ventricles. Learn more about what's offered for heart transplant​ at Baylor Scott & White Health.

Kidney Transplant

Baylor Scott & White Central Texas offers high quality kidney​ transplants at a location that's close to home for Central Texas residents. In fact, Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Temple is the only transplant center available between Austin and Dallas.

From the program's start in 1997, we've taken great care in developing a leading  kidney transplant program, which offers wait times significantly lower than the national average. 

Our team of specialists includes transplant nephrologists, transplant surgeons, dietitians, social workers, transplant certified nurses and financial coordinators, all focused on ensuring you understand your treatment options.

Special Programs Help Match Transplant Candidates With Donors Faster

The Live Donor Program at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Temple give patients in need of a kidney the opportunity to receive a donated kidney from a relative, friend or an anonymous donor.

In addition, Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Temple is the only center between Dallas and Austin participating in the national Alliance for Paired Donation program. This program matches an incompatible donor/recipient pair with another pair in the same situation. It's another way we help transplant candidates find a match faster — sometimes before having to undergo dialysis.​

Blood Stem Cell Transplant

At Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Temple, we strive for excellence in a collaborative environment that's focused on providing each patient with personalized, comprehensive, high-quality care.

Our transplant team specializes in autologous blood stem cell transplants for adults. That means we collect bone marrow stem cells from the patient's blood before the cells can be destroyed by cancer treatment. The patient can then get his own stem cells back after treatment. This is called a "rescue" transplant and results in restoring the lost bone marrow function.

Corneal Transplant

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Temple offers corneal transplants to patients with a diseased or scarred retina. The procedure involves replacing the damaged cornea with a new one.

A corneal transplant involves replacing a diseased or scarred cornea with a new one. When the cornea becomes cloudy, light cannot penetrate the eye to reach the light sensitive retina. Poor vision or blindness may result. The corneas are usually donated from an eye bank for this procedure, and eye drops are needed after the surgery. When possible, a partial replacement of the cornea such as an endothelial keratoplasty or anterior lamellar keratoplasty can be done. These newer surgeries are usually safer and result in quicker return of vision. However, many conditions are still best managed with a full thickness corneal transplant called a penetrating keratoplasty.​​​

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