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Global Heart Health Center

Baylor Scott & White The Heart Hospital – Plano Outpatient Services

Head off heart disease

The Global Heart Health Center at Baylor Scott & White The Heart Hospital – Plano is an innovative program designed to help at-risk individuals prevent heart disease before symptoms or complications develop.

Using advanced blood tests and a noninvasive imaging procedure that takes only a few minutes, the Global Heart Health Center may be able to uncover potential short or long-term threats to your heart, such as blockages, heart attack, heart failure, artery disease and more.

Based on the results, the we will make recommendations and work with you to develop a customized diet, exercise, medical and lifestyle plan to help keep the heart healthy.


Who should be screened?

The Global Heart Health Center is designed to care for adults of all ages and ethnicities. Anyone at risk for heart disease may benefit from our services.
  • Medical history
    • Diabetes​
    • Previous heart attack
    • Angioplasty
    • Bypass surgery
    • Coronary PAD
    • Aneurysms​
    • Other related cardiovascular conditions
  • Family history of heart disease​
  • Lifestyle factors
    • Obesity
    • History of smoking​
    • Sedentary lifestyle
    • ​​Poor diet​​​​​​​

Discover your risk factors for heart disease

If you think you may be at risk for heart disease—or just want to find out—schedule an appointment at the Global Heart Health Center. It could potentially save your life, or just give you peace of mind to know your risk factors for heart disease.

Call 469.814.3480

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