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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (Level II NICU)

Giving birth to a sick or premature baby can be quite unexpected for any parent.

The level II neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) can provide high risk care and stabilization for newborns should the need arise. Infants meeting level II criteria with a gestation of 32 weeks or higher are cared for in our NICU which combines advanced technology and trained health care professionals who provide tailored care for specific needs.

In addition to babies born premature or at a low birth weight, sicker full-term babies may be treated in the NICU for a variety of conditions, including anemia, jaundice, seizures, low blood sugar or breathing difficulties.

Trained Staff for Your Peace of Mind

The NICU team consists of trained, dedicated neonatologists, neonatal practitioners and neonatal nurses. Neonatologists have completed three additional years of training to specialize in the care of critically ill newborns and are qualified to handle some of the most complex, high-risk situations. The staff provides hands-on care and specialized treatment for infections, birth defects, breathing difficulties, growth restriction and maternal health problems.​​

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