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3-Year Well Child Visit

Baylor Scott & White McLane Children's

What to expect during your child's 3-year well child exam

At this well child visit you will start to transition into yearly visits with your provider. These checkups are important to stay up-to-date on immunizations, answer your questions, and assess the overall health of your child.

Below are some of the things your doctor may do at your child's 3-year checkup.


What your pediatrician may do during your child's 3-year checkup

Address any concerns of the new parent or caretaker

  • Do you have a list of questions we can go over together?
  • Has anything come up since our last visit?
  • What are some changes you've seen in your child?

Observe the overall development of your child

  • Do you have any new concerns about your baby’s development?
  • Has your child reached some of the common project developmental milestones for this age?
  • What have you noticed about your child’s development, temperament or behavior?

Complete physical examinations to ensure proper growth

  • How is your child’s weight and height looking or compare on a growth chart?
  • Are you providing a healthy diet for your child and limiting sugar or junk food?
  • Is your child sleeping through the night and getting a sufficient nap?
  • How do your baby’s eyes and ears look?
  • How is your baby’s heart and breathing?
  • Has your child seen a dentist?

Perform recommended laboratory screenings and immunizations

  • Do you plan for your child to get the CDC recommended vaccines for Flu or any missed immunizations?
  • Are you interested or want to know more about immunizations?

Discuss the overall life of the child and give general guidance or medical recommendations

  • Is your child left- or right-handed and have you seen improvement in your child’s writing?
  • How does your child do playing with others?
  • How is toilet training going, and do you need advice about staying dry at night?
  • Are there any changes to your child’s routine like attending a play or preschool?
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