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Cancer Care

From diagnosis to treatment to survivorship, we’ve got the support and care you need to fight cancer on your terms.
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Expert care for every type of cancer

With numerous areas of expertise and innovative treatments, we provide advanced care for your specific type of cancer. No matter how complex, you’ll have access to multiple specialists to care for you. And our team involves you in your care every step of the way.

Get started by choosing your cancer type and learning more about diagnosis, treatment and support. We’re here to arm you with the knowledge you need to beat cancer. Find a cancer center near you.

We don't just treat cancer; we treat the whole person

As a leader in cancer care, we’ve been innovating the way cancer is treated for decades. From the first cancer center accredited by the Commission on Cancer in Texas to one of the nation’s top centers for immunotherapy, you’ll have access to advanced cancer treatments and groundbreaking therapies.

But our care for you doesn’t stop there. Our team-centered approach treats you as a whole person—body, mind and spirit. Our goal is to give you and your family the holistic care you need so you can fight cancer better.



Baylor Scott & White Health is the third largest network of cancer centers accredited by the Commission on Cancer.

Nationally accredited by the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT)

Baylor Scott & White Temple and Round Rock regions are fully accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC)

Finding specialized cancer care

During cancer treatment, it helps to have friends and family nearby to keep you going strong. With the largest network of hospital-based cancer programs in the state, we offer care that’s convenient for you.

Cancer screenings

Catching cancer early often gives you better options to defeat it. As part of our focus on wellness and prevention, we offer several screenings to stop cancer in its tracks.

Cancer screenings are available to you through our hospitals, imaging centers and clinic locations across Central and North Texas. Find out more about screenings. Then, talk to your doctor about getting checked.

Learn More About Cancer Screenings


  • Breast cancer screenings
  • Cervical cancer screening
  • Colon cancer screening
  • Lung cancer screening
  • Prostate cancer screenings
  • Skin cancer screening

Breast cancer screenings

Cervical cancer screening

Colon cancer screening

  • Colonoscopy, which can catch cancer before it even develops

Lung cancer screening

Prostate cancer screenings

  • Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test, a blood test for prostate cancer
  • Annual men's health checkup with your primary care provider

Skin cancer screening

  • Visit your primary care provider or dermatologist for a yearly skin cancer check, especially if you’re at high risk


  • Connect with a cancer patient navigator

    Your patient navigator, a personal advocate from diagnosis through recovery, helps by:

    • Coordinating cancer treatment appointments and care
    • Empowering your family to make informed medical decisions
    • Finding personalized resources for your cancer care journey​
    • Managing side effects of cancer
    • Communicating with your cancer care team

Our approach to cancer treatments

We bring the fight to cancer with our person-centered approach to treatment. Each cancer diagnosis is different. We offer options from several specialties to customize your care. And with a focus on innovation, we’re constantly working to give you even more tools to conquer cancer.

Whether you want to know if a therapy is right for you or learn what to expect, we’re ready to guide you through your cancer treatment options.

  • Cancer research

    Baylor Scott & White Research Institute (BSWRI) conducts innovative studies exploring potentially new medications and therapies for nearly a dozen different types of cancer. Trials are currently underway at select Baylor Scott & White locations.

Patient and family support

You and your family aren’t alone in your fight. Our support services connect you with health providers and fellow cancer survivors who will stand by your side. From navigating your diagnosis to living well after recovery, we'll take on cancer together.

  • Cancer hates optimists

    Amber | Multiple myeloma and plasmacytoma

    As a nurse, Amber gives warriors strength to face life's biggest battles. When she faced her own enemy, she won the war with the help of her cancer care team and conscious optimism.

  • Cancer hates fighters

    Elvira | Breast cancer

    Elvira refused to quit. And so did we. Our team-centered approach helped her battle breast cancer with an army by her side.

  • Cancer hates warriors

    Darrell | Oral cancer

    Cancer warriors like Darrell are tough. And so are we. With the most accredited cancer treatment centers in Texas, we helped Darrell battle head and neck cancer close to home.

  • Cancer hates believers

    Sharon | Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

    For Sharon, faith is everything, especially her faith in people. With her nurse navigator by her side every step of the way, Sharon had support and confidence to defeat lymphoma.

Cancer survivorship

Our cancer care doesn't end when you leave our doors. Our dedicated program for cancer survivors, called Onward: The Survivorship Journey, cares for your well-being after cancer treatment. We also have many services throughout our system to help you live better for years to come.


Scheduling a consultation

With clinics, imaging centers and cancer centers across North and Central Texas, we can connect you to the cancer care you need. We’ll help you find a doctor for an evaluation, schedule a cancer screening and more.  

Not sure where to start? We can help with that too. Our patient navigators will advocate for you and coordinate care for your cancer journey.

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