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Precision Medicine

Treatment that is unique to you

When battling a condition such as cancer or heart disease, you want to know that you and your medical team are doing everything possible to win the fight.

Precision medicine offers patients advanced diagnostic and treatment options, including access to clinical trials, while also continuing to improve the basic knowledge about predicting, preventing and treating a disease. Precision medicine is a very personaliz​ed and focused approach, expanding the range of available treatment options for each patient and their unique situation.


Gene-based prediction, prevention and individualized treatment

One tool, but by no means the only tool of precision medicine, is to examine a patient’s genetic makeup to detect any alterations that may lead to a more effective therapy or a more accurate prediction of risk. This information enables physicians on the medical staff to more effectively research treatment options and develop personalized therapies to combat disease.

Physicians also team with specially trained genetic counselors to survey and test patients and possibly appropriate family members for genetic issues that might place them at a higher risk for developing certain types of cancer and other diseases.

Precision medicine services are available to patients with cancer, heart disease and other conditions. A specially trained navigator works with each patient throughout the process to coordinate care, answer questions and assist each patient and their family.

Baylor Scott & White ​​is a member of the Personalized Medicine Coalition, an international organization dedicated to improving the outcome, reducing side effects and costs associated with treatment.

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