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​​​​​​Treating Diabetes With Kidney and Pancreas Transplants

For some patients with type I diabetes, a pancreas transplant holds the promise of substantially improving quality of life, by eliminating the need for insulin therapy.​

A pancreas transplant may also be an option for patients with type 2 diabetes. A combined kidney-pancreas transplant often increases the long term survival of patients with diabetes and kidney failure because the new organs replace the function of both the failed kidney and pancreas.​

Combined Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Process

After your doctor refers you to Baylor Scott & White for a transplant, you'll be evaluated by one of the transplant surgeons through a variety of tests. Next, you'll meet with a gastroenterologist for more diagnostic testing. Based on the results of both batteries of tests and the physician evaluations, th​e transplant team will determine if you are a candidate for transplant.

Does insurance cover the cost of combined kidney and pancreas transplants?

We have a financial coordinator who will help you and your family with financial related questions or concerns regarding your transplant coverage.

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