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Adult Services

Baylor Scott & White Sports Performance Center at The Star

Athletes Made Here. The Sports Performance Center was developed with one goal in mind: to maximize human performance through movement and recovery. Our team of expert Performance sports coaches and trainers will guide you to achieve your performance goals.

Adult Group Training

Goal Accomplishment is the No. 1 objective

We provide programs that can be performed by any level of adult athlete to improve their performance.

Our programs will lead to positive results no matter what your current level of activity might be.

Evaluation Process

  • Establishes baseline data related to your movement efficiency, speed, agility, power and strength
  • Identifies any unresolved injuries or pain before we begin assigning exercises
  • Places you in the proper developmental program

Performance Plan

  • Small group training
  • Coach-athlete experience for maximum results
  • Goal-oriented culture conducive to individual attention and group dynamics


To enhance strength, work capacity, body composition, core function, movement efficiency, balance and coordination

Packages and Pricing, Small Group Performance: Ages 18+ (60-minute session and max 1:4 trainer/athlete ratio)

Includes movement efficiency screening, performance diagnostic screening (pre/post), improving flexibility, core strengthening, speed agility and quickness, body composition and more
12 sessions: $480 ($40 per session)


Preparing individuals for the demands of their sport

We provide a unique experience for adults looking to increase their quality of movement, decrease injury, optimize their performance and enhance their recovery. Regardless of activity level, the Sports Performance Center offers each adult access to our comprehensive Move. Perform. Recover programming. Training programs focus on neuromuscular control and proper biomechanical movement to prepare individuals for the demands of their sport and/or goals.


Helping adult athletes achieve proven results

To begin, each individual is assessed using our Movement Efficiency Screen and Performance Testing to develop a baseline of movement efficiency, stabilization and performance levels. Next, our skilled team of performance healthcare practitioners creates an individualized program, based on the data collected from the assessments to offer services necessary to reach each individual’s true potential.

Programs are systematic and multi-component to include flexibility, core stabilization, balance, strength, power, speed, agility, quickness and cardiorespiratory endurance as these are the building blocks to achieve proven results.

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