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Baylor Scott & White Sports Performance Center at The Star

Our mission is to develop the most comprehensive performance healthcare facility in the world that supports the mission to make Frisco become the safest place to play sports.

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The foundation of our programming

The Sports Performance Center was developed with one goal in mind: to maximize human performance through movement and recovery.

We conduct movement diagnostics to identify movement compensations and generate a personalized plan for optimal performance through Movement Efficiency.


By starting with stabilization, we ensure the body can control itself through all three planes of motion — stabilization, strength and power — prior to increasing the demands of training.


To ensure readiness for the next game or practice, we use Cryosauna, hot and cold plunge pools, compression boots, sleep pods and more to enhance recovery.​​​​​

Reporting and actionable analytics that makes data meaningful

Our systematic training progressions are targeted at increasing performance levels and decreasing injury, which leads to increased on-field performance results.




Monitoring apps evaluate status

Our movement predicts injury exercise programs are targeted to improve movement and reduce injury.

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