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Performance Diagnostic Services

Baylor Scott & White Sports Performance Center at The Star

Athletes Made Here. The Sports Performance Center was developed with one goal in mind: to maximize human performance through movement and recovery. Our team of expert Performance sports coaches and trainers will guide you to achieve your performance goals.

A great program always begins with evaluation

Utilizing the latest technological and innovative equipment as well as the Fusionetics performance healthcare system we collect, analyze and process hundreds of data points to develop a unique profile for each individual. This profile allows us to effectively monitor progress to increase movement, decrease injury, optimize performance and enhance recovery.​ ​​

Available Programs
Movement Efficiency Test
This test is designed for those primarily seeking to alleviate pain improve function and improve their quality of life while reducing the risk of injury. Standard Testing is comprised of Movement Efficiency testing and Range of Motion Testing.
This test is for those primarily seeking to reduce muscle or joint discomfort and improve function and quality of life. Standard testing is comprised of Movement Efficiency and Range of Motion measurements and helps determine Pro Care and/or training needs.
This evaluation is comprised of a battery of tests for those athletes looking to improve their overall performance and durability through training in our Group Programs. The data obtained is used for placement into the proper Sports Performance Program to meet the needs of the athlete and track their physical development.
We provide specialized testing programs based on athlete or team needs for any age. Call for more information.
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