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Movement Efficiency Screen

Baylor Scott & White Sports Performance Center at The Star

Our mission is to develop the most comprehensive performance healthcare facility in the world that supports the mission to make Frisco become the safest place to play sports.

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About the screening

The Movement Efficiency (ME) Screen is a simple 3-minute test assessing the movement quality of your child. During the screen, your child will be asked to perform double-leg squats and single-leg squats.

Our Performance Healthcare Athletic Trainer will note any movement impairments witnessed throughout the screening process in the Fusionetics platform which then provides each student a color coded score from 0-100. This score is an indicator of movement quality. Research has shown a high correlation between movement quality and overuse injuries.


Why is movement efficiency important?

Watch a quick video from our partners at Fusionetics to learn more about why testing and monitoring movement efficiency is important.

Track your progress with the App
All individuals tested will have access to their information through the Fusionetics App or by going to the Fusionetics login portal. Here, individuals will have access to their personalized self-care program, readiness and recovery questionnaire and daily training load tracking.

Custom exercise programs are designed specifically from your test data and our analytics. HD video coaching and instructions are provided for your ultimate success.

Training Load

Measure and track training time and intensity to monitor for fatigue or over-training. Use the app to enter training loads within 30 minutes of post-activity.

Recovery and Readiness

Track and monitor your ability to refuel, rest and restore the body on a daily basis to enhance recovery and to ensure you are ready for the day's activities.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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