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Arrange child or elder care

Bright Horizons® benefits are here for your personal and professional needs

Note: Bright Horizons has made the proactive decision to temporarily close many child care centers. They will continue to provide in-home care for as long as it is safe to do so, taking appropriate precautionary measures.
Taking care of your family-care needs
You get access to discounts on ongoing and back-up childcare through our partnership with Bright Horizons®. Plus, resources can be used to care for the aging adults in your life as well.
Center-based back-up care

With Bright Horizons Back-Up Care™ you have access up to a total of five deeply discounted, high-quality backup care, for children and adults.

The center-based arrangement lets you pick from dozens local locations to find one convenient to your home or work.

Locations include Bright Horizon® and other top-rated centers that are directly contracted to offer back-up care so your children can attend as needed for a short duration of days.

$15/day for single child
$25/day for multiple children
In-home back-up care

With Bright Horizons Back-Up Care™ you have access up to a total of five deeply discounted, high-quality backup care, for children and adults.

The in-home arrangement pairs you with a certified childcare provider who will come to your home to watch and care for your children.

You’ll receive information about the provider when you are paired, and the opportunity to connect with the provider prior to the session.

$6/hour with a four-hour minimum; maximum of three children
Discounts on Full-time care

If you are looking for ongoing full-time care, use Bright Horizons® to help your search.

Preferred enrollment and registration fee credit: Get a bump on the waitlist at select Bright Horizons® care centers, and receive a registration fee credit after 30 days of enrollment. The credit – 100% of your initial registration fee, up to a maximum of $250 – is applied to your subsequent tuition payment as a thank you for enrolling your child.

Tuition discounts: Receive a discount up to 10% at a participating high-quality center from the network of Bright Horizons® partners.

Search for a participating center near you
Sittercity database

You also have free access to Sittercity, a comprehensive database of care options where membership normally costs $98/year. You select care and pay for it directly.

Explore the site for nannies and sitters (full-time, evening or weekend care), care companions for adults and elders, special needs care providers and more!

You can search for caregivers in your area or post a job for caregivers to apply. Run basic background checks at no cost and receive discounts on enhanced and motor vehicle checks.

Get started with Sittercity
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When one of our kids gets sick, my husband and I scramble to figure out our plan. We don’t have family nearby so it means one of us taking the day off or working alternate schedules. Either way, it’s always exhausting.

When I discovered the back-up benefit, it was a lifesaver. We've used the in-home care multiple times, with excellent caregivers each time.

– Jill Masters, Manager, HR Communications
  • Because their colds don't check your work schedule

    When the “I don’t feel good” wake-up call comes on the day of a work meeting you can’t miss, Bright Horizons® can help.

  • Quality care when you can't be there.

    Bright Horizons® can help you get your loved ones the assistance they need — whether they live with you, or far away

  • They count on you. Now, you can count on us.

    Whether you’re planning for or adjusting to life with an infant, rely on Bright Horizons®.

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