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Arrange child or elder care

Bright Horizons Back-Up Care TM


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With Bright Horizons Back-Up Care TM you have access to deeply discounted, high-quality backup care, for children and adults.

Use it as coverage for school holidays, half-days, when a dependent is mildly ill and more!

Up to five (5) days of care

  • For $15/day: Center-based childcare for a single child

  • For $25/day: Center-based childcare for multiple children

  • For $6/hour: In-home care for children and/or adults
    • Either well and/or mildly ill
    • Maximum three care recipients, with a four-hour minimum
When one of our kids gets sick, my husband and I scramble to figure out our plan. We don’t have family nearby so it means one of us taking the day off or working alternate schedules. Either way, it’s always exhausting. When I discovered the back-up benefit, it was a lifesaver. We've used it multiple times, with excellent caregivers each time.

– Jill Masters, Manager, HR Communications
  • Quality care when you can't be there.

    Bright Horizons® can help you get your loved ones the assistance they need — whether they live with you, or far away

  • Because their colds don't check your work schedule

    When the “I don’t feel good” wake-up call comes on the day of a work meeting you can’t miss, Bright Horizons® can help.

  • They count on you. Now, you can count on us.

    Whether you’re planning for or adjusting to life with an infant, rely on Bright Horizons®.

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