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We offer two dental plans: MetLife PPO and PPO Plus

Both plans:

  • Pair well with any healthcare tax-free savings account (such as the FSA or HSA) to help pay for out-of-pocket dental expenses
  • Let you go to any dentist you choose—but you’ll pay less when you visit one who’s a member of MetLife’s Preferred Dental Program
  • Have the same deductibles—$50 for you only and $150 for you and your family
  • Cover 100% of preventive care costs (cleanings and X-rays) once every six months—with no deductible
New! Need to access dental benefits? Now you can provide your employee ID number instead of your Social Security Number

Plan options

MetLife Dental PPO

  • Plan pays 50% of the cost of basic and major care after deductible is met
  • Maximum benefit the plan will pay in a year is $1,250
  • No coverage for orthodontia or dental implants

MetLife Dental PPO Plus

  • Plan pays 80% of the cost of basic care and 50% of the cost of major care after deductible is met
  • Maximum benefit the plan will pay in a year is $2,500
  • Orthodontia covered at 50% with separate lifetime maximum benefit of $2,000
  • Dental implants covered at 50% and will be subject to annual maximum of $2,500

Deeper Dive

Use a tax-free savings account for dental costs

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