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Plan to Retire

You give your best each day and you deserve the best in return, now and in the future. To help you prepare for retirement, we provide a dollar-for-dollar match on your 401(k) contributions, up to 5% of your eligible pay.

  • The Basics

    Whether you’re just starting to think about the timing of your retirement or you already have the date on your calendar, you’ve come to the right place. Ahead of retiring, review the information on this page to understand the actions you need to take.

Thinking About Retirement?
There are a few things you should keep in mind when thinking about your future retirement.
Review your savings goals

Make sure you’re on track to be financially set in retirement

Visit Empower

Understand your Medicare options

Make sure you get the coverage you need

Explore Medicare

Plan for a stress-free retirement

Explore the employee assistance program (EAP) resources that can help you prepare for your transition

Go to EAP page

Navigate Medicare with ALEX

ALEX Medicare gets to know you or your loved one through a one-on-one conversation and guides you toward smarter, more personalized Medicare choices.

ALEX Medicare

What To Do

Once you’ve picked your retirement date, follow these steps for a smooth transition:


Let your manager know

Provide your manager written notice of your resignation at least two weeks before your last day. If you’re a manager or above, you’re expected to give at least four weeks’ notice. Be sure to indicate the reason for your departure and last day of work.

Transition your work

Work with your team members and manager to ensure a smooth transition of your work. Keep in mind that your BSW email and network access will end on your last day of work.

Update your contact information

Be sure to update your contact information in PeoplePlace > About Me so you receive information on benefits continuation opportunities as well as your W-2.

If you have additional questions, submit a ticket to PeoplePlace (log in required). 

Empty out your workspace 

Remove any personal possessions from your workspace. If you have a workspace at home, you will need to return any sensitive information to BSW. Remove any work-related virtual files on your personal computer or other personal devices.

Return company materials

On your last day, return your ID badge and other company-provided materials—such as your keys, cell phone and computer—to your manager.

Complete your exit interview survey

You will be sent an email with an invitation to complete an exit interview survey once your manager has submitted your resignation. Complete this survey ahead of your last day of work.


Helpful Resources

Use Empower's financial planning resources

Get Empowered

Understand your benefits continuation options

Go Now

Discover ways you can continnue to share your time, talent​s and passi​​​ons with our patients as a volunteer


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