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Expecting the Best 

Helping expectant moms enjoy a healthy pregnancy

Who: Expectant moms enrolled in a BSW medical plan and seeing a Tier 1 BSWQA Network Provider

How: Enroll through your doctor, BSW case manager or by emailing

What: Our Expecting the Best program includes...

  • 24/7 access to a nurse
  • Support for high-risk conditions
  • Early enrollment in case management support
  • Planning for delivery, including individual support during and after pregnancy
  • Immunization reminders
  • Coordinated efforts to promote full-term birth in women who previously delivered pre-term
  • Education for newborn health during the first year
  • Depression screening following delivery
  • Educational tools and support for returning to work

Digital Resources

  • MyBSWHealth app
  • Text4baby site and app

MyBSWHealth app

Available once your BSW provider initiates program enrollment through Epic
  • General pregnancy overview
  • Weekly guidance during pregnancy
  • Information for a healthy lifestyle
  • Birth plan preferences
  • Packing checklist
  • Articles on different phases and stages of labor
  • Recovery from birth
  • Monitoring for post-partum depression
  • Breastfeeding best practices
  • Planning for future pregnancies

Text4baby site and app

Free text messages available to participants using a non-BSW provider
  • Prenatal care
  • Newborn health
  • Parenting tips
  • Bundled maternity copay

    For medical plan enrollees

    Enrollees pay a bundled copay for all expenses related to maternity/delivery care and baby's postnatal services

    • PPO Plan: $1,200 copay (Tier 1 BSWQA Network provider)
    • SEQA/EQA Plan: $400 copay

    Copay applies to the facility claim. All other services billed with a maternity/delivery diagnosis code will be paid at 100%, including well-baby charges and prenatal services

Deeper Dive

Maternity benefits and resources

This site summarizes the programs and benefits available to employees and their eligible dependents. Official plan documents, policies and certificates of insurance that contain the details, conditions, maximum benefit levels and restrictions on benefits govern our benefits program and are available on this site. In case of a conflict between this site and the official documents, the official documents prevail. The information on this site isn't a guarantee of benefits. Baylor Scott & White reserves the right to modify or terminate its employee benefit plans and programs at any time for any reason.

Click here if you have feedback on the website or need to report an issue. All other questions and issues, please contact the corresponding resource on the Need Help page.

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