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Family Support and Savings

Juggling household and work responsibilities is challenging. Our family support and discount programs are designed to help support you every step of the way.

We offer support and resources for help managing work, household and family responsibilities. Get started anytime!


Child or Elder Care

Whether you're a parent, caregiver or planning for future needs, you have access to confidential resources, information and referrals at no cost—offered through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

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You can also tap into child and elder care savings via the BSWH Discount Marketplace (BenefitHub).

  • Child care provider locator
  • Elder care referrals
  • Discounts on child and elder care services
  • Camp locator
  • Background screenings on child and elder care services

Child care provider locator

Find child care, early education, school-based programs and more

Whether you are looking for ongoing, full-time care in a child care center, early education, out-of-school clubs or more, our EAP can help you find the right program for your family.

Log in to (use Employer ID BSWH). EAP benefits can be found under "Coverage".

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Elder care referrals

Older adult services locator

Finding a caregiver to come to your home, setting up transportation for an older adult, locating independent or assisted living facilities can be a daunting process. But with your EAP benefits, you have access to resources and referral networks that can assist you your search for elder care.

Log in to (use Employer ID BSWH). EAP benefits can be found under "Coverage".

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Discounts on child and elder care services

Savings on enrollment, registration, tuition and care

Our Discount Marketplace offers exclusive savings for BSW team members, including childcare, senior services, early education and more.

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First time user? Sign up using your BSWH email address, date of birth and Employee Number that should be nine digits, including zeroes, and can be found on the back of your paycheck.

BSWH Discount Marketplace customer care: 866-664-4621 or

Camp locator

ACA-Accredited camps

The American Camp Association's (ACA) website helps you find the right camp for every child. Find a Camp, their camp locator, has searchable data from over 3,500 ACA-Accredited® camps nationwide.

Background screenings on child and elder care services

Discount through Imperative

While the choice and cost of obtaining a background check on your preferred provider and the vendor for that service is yours, Imperative offers a number of criminal background investigation packages at a discount to our members. 

With a background investigation on your prospective caregiver or facility, you can have peace of mind that your loved one is in great hands.

Household Support

You have free access to our EAP's comprehensive database of care options to help you get the care you need, when you need it. You select the type of care you need and pay for it directly. Explore the site to find:

  • Pet Care: Get help with feeding, walks, sitting, and specialized care for any family pet—including exotic pets, farm animals and those with special needs.
First-time users: Activate your free MyCigna account and use the Employer ID BSWH.

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EAP resources are located under "Catergories"

Adoption Assistance

All full-time employees who have worked with BSW for at least 12 consecutive months may be eligible to receive adoption assistance.
Note that this does not cover foster care, legal guardianship or adoption of a spouse's child.

How It Works

We'll reimburse you up to $4,000 for adoption and legal fees for each child you adopt under age 18 who is not biologically related to you/your spouse (if married). Each family can be reimbursed for up to two adoptions.

Adopting a child and enrolled in short-term disability? You may be eligible for paid parental leave following the adoption. View the Parental Leave Guide for more details.


The BSWH Discount Marketplace, offered through BenefitHub, is your home for perks and deals brands you know and love—all available to you for simply for being a valued team member at BSWH. Plus, explore Purchasing Power—buy now and pay over time options available on thousands of products.

How It Works

Through the BSWH Discount Marketplace, you can access savings on products, services and brands you love—all designed with your well-being in mind. 

Go to the BSWH Discount Marketplace

First time user? Sign up using your BSWH email address, date of birth and Employee Number that should be nine digits, including zeroes, and can be found on the back of your paycheck.

Please note that you must receive your first paycheck with BSWH prior to registering for for BenefitHub. Purchasing Power is available to employees with at least one year of service and a minimum yearly salary of $16,000.

BSWH Discount Marketplace customer care: If you are experiencing technical or password issues, please contact BenefitHub customer care first at 866-222-8789 or

Auto and home carriers and Purchasing Power premiums: If a deduction is missed, carriers and Purchasing Power will do a recalculation or premiums and employees will receive a direct communication. Employees are encouraged to view their deduction history on the Discount Marketplace or carrier site.

If you are having trouble accessing the Discount Marketplace, try disconnecting from VPN. You may also access the Discount Marketplace by downloading the BenefitHub app, available through the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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