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We offer one vision plan through EyeMed.

See below for 2024 details.

How It Works

Our vision plan is available through EyeMed. If you or a covered dependent need routine eye care, our vision plan makes your exams, glasses and contacts much more affordable.

  • When you visit an EyeMed network provider, your annual eye exam copay is only $10.
  • If you wear contacts, you will pay a $25 copay for a contact lens fitting exam.
  • Frames or contacts are covered up to $170 per year, with any amounts over $170 covered out of your own pocket. Most lenses are covered after a $10 copay.

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Note: You must select the Insight network to find a provider.


What You Pay for Care

With the EyeMed vision plan, you pay significantly less when you stay in-network. 

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Chart showing coverage details

Check Premiums

The amount you pay per pay period depends on the plan you choose and the number of covered dependents. 

Check Vision Premiums


Ways to Save

By using a vision provider in the EyeMed network, you can save money with your vision plan!

Find a Network Vision Provider

Note: You must select the Insight network to find a provider.

You can also take advantage of additional resources like: 

The EyeMed vision plan pairs with any healthcare FSA or HSA for out-of-pocket expenses. Plus, most expenses are automatically substantiated, so you don't have to submit as many receipts!

Learn more about FSA/HSA

Helpful Resources
Need an eye exam or prescription?

Find a network provider and save money.

Find a Provider

Note: You must select the Insight network to find a provider.

Need info on the go?

Download the EyeMed App for
iOS and Android. 

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Have a question about your vision benefits?

Contact EyeMed.

Call 844.409.3401

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