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Overview of Services

​​Many of our cancer care locations in North Texas and Central Texas​ provide patient navigation services. Our patient navigation programs offer assistance to cancer patients and their families from diagnosis to recovery. The patient navigator serves as your advocate, guide and moral supporter, so you can focus on healing.

Locations in Central Texas offer patients oncology social work services – one of the only cancer programs in Texas that provides these services regardless of your ability to pay. Our oncology social workers are here to help with the psychological, social, physical and emotional issues that result from a diagnosis of cancer. They're also your voice, helping keep the care focus on you.​

​​Support Groups

Share your experience and learn from others. Support groups are one of the best resources for persons who have experienced c​ancer.

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Pastoral Care​

Wheth​er you have a prayer request or just need someone to talk to, our chaplains help people from every religious group get spiritual and religious support.

We're Here When You Need Us

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