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​​​​​​​​Patient Navigation

​​Many of our cancer care locations in North Texas and Central Texas​ provide patient navigation services. Our patient navigation is a specialized service with healthcare professionals who coordinate the patient’s care from diagnosis through treatment and survivorship, providing a personalized approach and ongoing support to patients and families throughout their cancer journey by offerin​g:

  • Early intervention and prevention
  • Patient advocacy and support
  • Coordination of appointments and care
  • Removing barriers to care
  • Education and empowerment to make informed medical decisions
  • Assistance with resource identification and procurement
  • Increased adherence to appointments and treatments
  • Better management of cancer-related side effects
  • Increased satisfaction with overall care and experience
  • Improved communication with the care team

The Patient Navigation team serves as an advocate, educator, guide and moral supporter, which allows the patient and family to focus on healing. Patient navigation services are no cost to patients and families.

Locations in Central Texas offer patients oncology social work services – one of the only cancer programs in Texas that provides these services regardless of your ability to pay. Our oncology social workers are here to help with the psychological, social, physical and emotional issues that result from a diagnosis of cancer. They're also your voice, helping keep the care focus on you.​

​​Support Groups

Share your experience and learn from others. Support groups are one of the best resources for persons who have experienced c​ancer.

Find a Support Group

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