Body contouring

Body Contouring, also known as a Tummy Tuck, is the removal of excess skin and fat of the lower abdomen to improve abdominal contour. Pregnancy and significant weight loss can cause stretching of the abdominal muscles. Abdominoplasty can help reverse these effects by tightening the abdominal muscles (plication). Liposuction is often performed with abdominoplasty to address excess fatty tissue.

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation involves placing an implant in the breast to increase breast volume and improve breast shape and symmetry. There are various implant types and techniques, and our surgeons will discuss the pros and cons of each with you at your consultation.

Breast reduction

A breast reduction or breast lift (mastopexy) involves repositioning the nipple to a higher position, making the areola or colored part of the nipple smaller, and re-shaping the breast with a removal of a varying amount of skin and breast tissue.  When a breast reduction is performed, a significant amount of breast tissue is removed with the primary goal to relieve back and neck pain.