Neuro-oncology focuses on tumors of the brain and nervous system

Neuro-oncology is the neuroscience specialty that is focused on addressing cancers affecting the brain and nervous system. Doctors who specialize in neuro-oncology treat patients with these conditions and work to prevent these cancers from reoccurring. Neuro-oncologists often collaborate closely with neurologists, neurosurgeons and other cancer specialists to develop care and prevention plans for patients.

Comprehensive neurological cancer care

Neuro-oncologists on our medical staff have special training and expertise in managing brain and spine tumors and neurofibromatosis by:

  • Investigating the causes behind a brain or nervous system tumor
  • Assessing biological factors of a tumor to make a diagnosis and develop a quality treatment strategy
  • Helping coordinate and deliver recommended treatments
  • Evaluating and providing patients access to appropriate clinical trials as necessary

Neuro-oncology treatment

Cancer is a complex disease. Tumors affecting the brain and spine require a precise diagnosis and care. Neuro-oncology specialists on the Baylor Scott & White Health medical staff can provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment for these tumors that may include: