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Headache Center

​​​​A Specialty Center for Headache and Migraine Management

Baylor University Medical Center's Headache Center provides diagnosis and treatment options for people who experience severe headaches, helping restore a better quality of life.

We carefully evaluate headache conditions, define the origin of the headache pain and administer appropriate therapies. By identifying an accurate diagnosis, we can then develop a specific treatment plan for each patient's particular situation.

Baylor Headache Center provides treatment for the full range of headache disorders, including:

The Headache Center may especially benefit individuals that have:

  • Not responded to medication and have a history of recurring acute care needs or progressive persistent headaches.
  • Undergone multiple diagnosis and therapeutic interventions yet the diagnosis remains uncertain or questionable.
  • Frequent emergency room visits; used hospital inpatient services excessively; or overused different oral analgesics (including opiates)
  • Treated repeatedly with intramuscular or intravenous medications.

Outpatient and Inpatient Headache Treatment 

For many people, outpatient headache management is achieved through medication. There are two categories of headache medication, abortive and prophylactic, which includes:​

Head Start Newsletter

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  • Vicki Giallanza found relief at the Comprehensive Headache Center. Now, she wants to help others.
  • Novel approaches to Headache treatment.
  • Might Botox be right for me?
  • Helping children with headaches.
  • TACs: What are they and how are they treated?

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