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Breast Imaging

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Baylor Scott & White Women's Imaging Center – Irving

The breast imaging services at Baylor Scott & White Women's Imaging Center – Irving are fully accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR) as a Center of Excellence in mammography, stereotactic breast biopsy, breast ultrasound, breast MRI and ultrasound-guided breast biopsy.

Breast Health Services 

Advanced Breast Health Services with You in Mind

Most women will experience some type of breast problem during their lifetime. The good news is that most breast disorders are not cancerous. However, your chance of developing breast cancer increases as you get older. That's why screenings and examinations are so important – and where you go for these services makes a difference.

At the Baylor Breast Center, we put our patients first and offer comprehensive prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast disease, all under one roof and close to home. Our breast health services include:

  • All-digital, high-resolution mammography
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Ultrasound-guided breast biopsy
  • Stereotactic breast biopsy
  • Breast MRI
  • MRI-guided breast biopsy
  • Bone densitometry
  • High risk assessment and BRCA testing
  • On-site certified mammography technologists, sonographers, radiologists and physician specialists on the medical staff
  • Emotional support provided by the breast care nurse navigator and oncology support programs

For a physician referral or more information, call 1.844.BSWDOCS. 

Breast Care Patient Navigator 

Making Sure You Are Not Alone

You may feel overwhelmed if you receive a diagnosis of breast cancer. At the Baylor Breast Center, our breast care patient navigator is on hand to help you make informed decisions regarding treatment and provide support and guidance throughout the cancer care continuum.

From managing your files and films to helping you and your family understand your diagnosis and plan of care, this specialized clinician is available free of charge to make sure you do not go through this difficult journey alone.

Our patient navigator offers encouragement while providing services tailored to your individual needs. These services include:

  • Collaborating with members of the healthcare team to navigate a patient through the complex cancer care system to help ensure timely diagnosis and treatment
  • Comprehensive nursing assessment and support
  • Assisting with scheduling of initial tests and consultations
  • Symptom management
  • Ongoing education and disease information
  • Providing patients with breast cancer programs and support group information

Whether it's scheduling appointments, discussing side effects of certain treatments or just a heart-to-heart talk about the fears you may have about your upcoming procedure, our breast care patient navigator will serve as your compassionate and knowledgeable guide.

For more information about our patient navigator program, please call the Baylor Scott & White Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center – Irving at 972.579.4300.

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