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Image of people holding handsThe goal of Faith Community Health is to help people reach optimal health by integrating faith communities with healthcare to provide more effective patient navigation, education, and support to create healthier communities.

What is Faith Community Health?
Faith Community Health seeks to bridge the gap between healthcare and faith communities. This program pairs volunteers from area churches with at-risk patients who have been referred by healthcare professionals. The goal of the Faith Community Health Program is to partner a volunteer with an individual who could benefit from extra support, struggles with loneliness, and needs assistance connecting to resources.

What are Faith Community Caregivers?
Faith Community Caregivers are trained to support and offer a ministry of presence to patients, operating from four principles: Right door, providing and educating patients at the most appropriate location; Right time, educating and equipping individuals to help them recognize symptoms early; Ready to be treated, helping people prepare to share with their healthcare provider concerning symptoms, medications and home remedies and Reassured/Not alone, treating people with compassionate care, assuring them they are not alone.

What does a Faith Community Caregiver training include?

  • 4 Principals of Faith Community Health
  • Right door, Right time, Ready to be treated, Reassured/Not alone
  • Communication and listening skills
  • Boundaries
  • How to have a productive home visit
  • Mental health

Video:Faith in Community Health

Video:Building a bridge of trust between healthcare and the community

If you are interested in learning more, becoming a congregational partner, or finding out if Faith Community Health exists in your area – please reach out to:

Donna Stauber, System Program Manager of Faith Community Health or

Sherell Haley, Faith in Action Coordinator, North Texas

Sarah Kranick, Faith Community Health Coordinator, Central Texas

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