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The Baylor Scott & White Blood Center, located within Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Temple , is the only local, hospital-based blood center in Central Texas. Your donations stay right here in your community to help your friends and neighbors.

The Blood Center is located in Room S115 across from the McLane Dining Room.

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Why Donate?

"The most important [blood] units during a traumatic situation are the ones that were already on our shelves when the event happened."

Walter Linz, MD; Baylor Scott & White Blood Center medical director

Central Texas Hero Spotlight: George Crump

Image of Central Texas Hero SpotlightFootball player, FCA officer, Senior Class president – these are just a few of the many titles associated with Killeen High school senior, George Crump. George was born in Chicago and raised in Killeen, Texas. He discussed the troubles of living in the inner city of Chicago and how Killeen has made him and his family feel at home through the diversity in the community.

George has been donating blood at the Killeen High School blood drives for the last 3 years, and he says “I’ve always wanted to donate blood, and once I found out my blood type was O positive, I knew I could be a help to someone.” George has lived his whole life with a “lead by example“ mindset which shows through his dedication to being a blood donor and his compassion for his fellow classmates and community.

Interested in nominating a Baylor Scott & White Blood Center donor for the Central Texas Hero Spotlight? Contact us at

Nursing Challenge Spotlight: Shonna Bracco

Image of Central Texas Coordinator SpotlightFor the second straight year, the Baylor Scott & White Blood Center has held a nursing blood donation challenge to promote participation throughout the nursing department. This challenge is a fun and competitive way for fellow Baylor Scott & White Health employees to give back to the community while representing their specific teams. Shonna Bracco, VP of Patient Care Services, has been the team captain for “The Unicorns” for the last two years. The Unicorns were the winners of last year’s challenge, and are well on their way to repeat as 2x champions.

Shonna has been a huge part to the team’s success and is dedicated to making a difference in the community. She says, “Nursing is truly a profession of giving. When our shift is over we do not go home and forget about the patients and families we cared for that day. We think about them, worry about them, and truly care about them. This nursing challenge is just one more way that we can be of service to the patients and communities we serve.”

Shonna and her team have been extremely dedicated to motivating fellow nurses with many clever ideas to encourage donations. Shonna discussed many of her motivational tactics, saying “this year we made glitter unicorn t-shirts for our leaders to round the hospital in. The first week we handed out pickle jars on the unit as we rounded with our mascots Unicorn and Pickle. We would tell them “don’t be SOUR, give blood to help save lives!” The Unicorns are a prime example of the organizational commitment to our patients.

If you're interested in coordinating a blood drive, please complete this form.

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