Fast access to trusted medical advice, without an appointment

eVisits give you fast access to trusted medical advice for many common symptoms without the need to schedule an appointment or even turn on your camera. You’ll complete a short, self-guided questionnaire about your symptoms in MyBSWHealth and receive a response from a Baylor Scott & White provider within an hour.

No appointment is needed, and eVisits are available 24/7—including weekends and holidays—so you can always get the quick, convenient care you need.

What can be treated through an eVisit?

You can use an eVisit to receive care for many common symptoms and conditions, including:

  • Respiratory infections and allergies
  • Common adult female problems (such as urinary tract and bladder infections)
  • Eye and mouth concerns
  • Swimmer’s ear
  • Skin, hair and nail concerns
  • Refills for asthma, EpiPen and migraine medication
  • Insect bites
  • Digestive issues
  • Medication to prevent illness after exposure
  • Travel needs

What to expect during an eVisit

To begin your eVisit, you’ll complete a short, self-guided questionnaire about your symptoms. The questionnaire should take no more than 5-10 minutes.

Your questionnaire will be reviewed by a Baylor Scott & White provider. You’ll receive a response—including any treatment recommendations and next steps—within an hour, even on weekends and holidays.

Based on your responses, the provider can also prescribe medication. If you need medications, you’ll be able to choose your preferred pharmacy to send in your prescription.

How to schedule an eVisit

You don’t have to schedule an appointment for an eVisit. You can start an eVisit through MyBSWHealth at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To begin an eVisit:

  1. Open your MyBSWHealth app or log in to your online account.
  2. Click Schedule & Search.
  3. Select Schedule Now.
  4. Choose eVisit.
  5. Follow the prompts to complete the questionnaire.
  6. Plan to spend about 5-10 minutes completing the questionnaire.

Start an eVisit now

Having trouble?

If you’re having trouble with your eVisit, try the following:

  • Confirm you have a strong Wi-Fi signal.
  • If possible, try a different device (smartphone, computer, etc.).
  • Restart your device.

If you need technical support while completing your eVisit, call MyBSWHealth Patient Technical Support at 855.691.0180.

Frequently asked questions

  • Who can use eVisits?

    Anyone 2 years and older who is located in Texas and meets the qualifications for conditions treated can use eVisits. You’ll need to have a MyBSWHealth account and internet access.

    For virtual care for a child younger than 18, the child’s parent or legal guardian must have an account linked to the child’s account first, and the eVisit must be completed under the child’s name.

  • What is the cost of an eVisit?

    eVisits are $40, paid at the time of service if not covered by your insurance. You can submit payment securely through MyBSWHealth using a credit or debit card.

  • Can I be out of the state of Texas to receive virtual care?

    No, you can only use virtual urgent care, including eVisits, if you are located in Texas.

  • Can I get a prescription during an eVisit?

    Yes, you can get a prescription during an eVisit. If the provider reviewing your questionnaire deems it appropriate based on your symptoms, they can prescribe medication.

    If your treatment plan includes a prescription, the prescriptions are not sent automatically to allow you to first review your treatment plan. You will need to click to choose a pharmacy and send in your prescription.

  • How will I receive notification that my eVisit treatment plan is available?

    You will be notified through email and/or text when your eVisit treatment plan is available for review, depending on your MyBSWHealth notification preferences. If it has been over an hour and you have not received a notification, follow the same steps you took to start an eVisit (Schedule & Search > Schedule Now > eVisit), and then click “Review Results” under “Start eVisit” to see if your results are available.

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