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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Baylor Scott & White Health employees have consistently affirmed the organization's mission and ministry as an influential factor in their work. In addition, Baylor Scott & White has consistently supported its employees' passions and invested in partnerships in Texas, the United States and around the world that reflect its commitment to health and healing.​​

The system started Faith in Action Initiatives (FIAI) to maximize its impact locally and world-wide by prioritizing the wide array of partnership and support opportunities in order to invest system resources wisely, avoid waste and duplication of effort.

Download the F​​​​IAI Brochure

FIAI Programs

Second Life Resources

Baylor Scott & White Health is a very blessed hospital organization with a constant influx of new equipment and supplies. We receive recyclable equipment from the various hospitals, sort through those materials at the FIAI warehouse and freely provide these supplies to worthy opportunities on the local as well the international scenes. Local missions can often times utilize our office furniture and filing systems. Dozens of non-profit organizations have benefited from second life resources in the past year.

Items You May Find at Our Warehouse

Warehouse Location

310 N. Walton St.
Dallas, TX 75226

Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Saturday-Sunday: Closed
Note: Please no walk-ins. By appointment only.

Request Medical Supplies or Equipment

Fill out the application to request medical supplies and equipment from Faith In Action Initiatives. Please send it to Once the application is received, we will respond according to the availability of the items. We will contact you to schedule an appointment. Please fill out the release form and bring it to the appointment.

Donations to Faith in Action Initiatives

BSWH hospitals provide highly valuable supplies to be recycled for humanitarian and faith based projects. As we also develop a positive public reputation, we are beginning to receive donations from many other civic group and medical institutions.

Download Donation Form

Note: We accept only useful items in working condition that serve a purpose in our mission. To make a donation of medical supplies and other hospital furnishings or to pick up supplies contact:


Baylor Scott & White clinical or non-clinical staff members and non-Baylor Scott & White employees are critically needed as volunteer to assist in the sorting and identification process at the FIAI Warehouse. Their expertise is needed so we can make certain we are utilizing all resources in the most efficient manner. For further information contact: Sofia Alluri, FIAI ministry coordinator, 214.228.0713,

Disaster Relief

Faith in Action coordinates the disaster relief efforts of Baylor Scott & White Health. This office gathers physical, medical resources as well as money to address disasters anywhere in the world. In the past, we have responded to disasters in Japan, India, Pakistan and Philippines. Locally, we have reached out to New England; West, Texas; Colorado; Oklahoma; Missouri; and Arkansas.

James Lecture

These lectures are designed to bring clergy and medical personnel together to discuss a common point of concern for all patients, families, and our society. For example, medical ethics issues and end-of-life concerns have to be addressed from both spiritual and clinical perspective.

Faith Community HealthCare

FIAI collaborates with faith communities and clinics to support those who are integrating faith and health within their communities. They may be serving as health counselor, health educator, health promoters, referral-agent, health advocate, home visitor, support group and volunteer group coordinator. They might be serving in roles such as parish nurse/faith community nurse (FCN), Stephens minister or in other community ministry roles.

Download Faith Community HealthCare Brochure

Medical Missions

Faith in Action Initiatives provides monetary scholarships to Baylor Scott & White employees going on international missions trips. We are very enthusiastic for our employees' participation on such experiences where they can utilize their skills for God’s glory in an international context. Such a trip can shape their lives for the good, strengthening their faith, increasing their cultural insight and making them a more competent medical professional as they work for Baylor Scott & White.

To learn more about scholarships and FIAI, contact:

Sacred Vocation Program

The aim of the Sacred Vocation Program (SVP) is to enhance the spiritual and emotional care of patients and their families by cultivating and renewing a sense of sacred vocation in those who work most closely with them. “Spiritual” as used in this program means different things to different people. Some think of living their life purpose, some heart or soul-work. This facilitation group is for anyone who cares deeply about healing patients in body, mind and spirit. This aim is accomplished by following these guiding principles:

  • Nurturing the spirit of patients by first nurturing the spirit of staff/caregivers
  • Realizing that everyone has the power to heal and the power to harm
  • Recognizing one’s self as healer helps give meaning and validation to life
  • Shaping a healthy work environment allows for more meaningful experiences to occur
  • It is the right thing to do (mission, vision, values) and it produces results (patient satisfaction, employee satisfaction and retention)

Download the Sacred Vocation Brochure

For more information contact:

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