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Phone Directory

​​​​​​​​​​​Please call the operator at 469.764.1000 and they can assist with connecting you to the person or department you need at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – McKinney.

Listing of Department Phone Numbers
Department Name Phone Number
Main Number Phone: 469.764.1000
Access Services Phone: 469.764.2440
Advanced Cardiovascular Care Limb Preservation Clinic Phone: 972.696.1234
Administration Phone: 469.764.2200
Antepartum Phone: 469.764.6250
Baylor Scott & White Pharmacy #105 Phone: 469.764.7100
Birth Certificate Office Phone: 469.764.6280
Breast Imaging Phone: 469.764.7001
Business Services Phone: 1.800.725.0024
Cancer Care (Oncology) Phone: 469.764.6380
Cardiopulmonary Phone: 469.764.4500
Cath / IR / EP Lab Phone: 469.764.5350
Chaplain/Pastoral Care Phone: 469.764.2150
Childbirth, Family Education, Maternity Center Tours Phone: 469.764.6262
Child Life Phone: 469.764.6203
Comprehensive Care Management Phone: 469.764.2600
COPD/Heart Failure/Pneumonia Phone: 469.734.2273
Day Surgery Phone: 469.764.5150
Diabetes Education Phone: 469.764.2442
Dialysis/Vascular Access Phone: 469.764.6390
Emergency Department Phone: 469.764.5000
Financial Counselor Phone: 469.764.2450
Gift Shop Phone: 469.764.2170
GI Lab/Endoscopy Phone: 469.764.5300
Guest Representative Phone: 469.764.2248
Human Resources Phone: 469.764.1206
Imaging Services Phone: 469.764.4400
Infection Prevention Phone: 469.764.2511
Information Desk/Concierge Phone: 469.764.1002
Inpatient Care Team Phone: 469.764.6950
Intensive Care Unit Phone: 469.764.6550
Lab Phone: 469.764.4100
Labor and Delivery Phone: 469.764.6200
Lactation Consultations Phone: 469.764.6262
Lost and Found Phone: 469.764.3331
Main Lobby Front Desk Phone: 469.764.1002
Medical Records (Health Information Management) Phone: 469.764.2300
Environmental Services Phone: 469.764.0354
Medical Staff Services Phone: 469.764.1904
Medical/Surgical Unit-3 North Phone: 469.764.6380
Medical/Surgical Unit-3 South Phone: 469.764.6350
Medical/Surgical Unit-3 West Phone: 469.764.6365
Medical/Surgical Unit-5 North ICU Phone: 469.764.6550
Medical/Surgical Unit-5 West PCU Phone: 469.764.6560
Medical/Surgical Unit-5 South Ortho/Trauma Phone: 469.764.6570
Newborn Nursery Phone: 469.764.6202
New Family Unit Phone: 469.764.6940
Neonatal Intensive Care Phone: 469.764.6292
Notary Public Phone: 469.764.1100
Nutrition Services Phone: 469.764.3100
Observation Unit Phone: 469.764.6100
Orthopedics Phone: 469.764.6570
Outpatient Radiology/Cardiopulmonary Scheduling Phone: 469.764.2400
Outpatient Surgery/PACU Phone: 469.764.5133
Palliative/Supportive Care Phone: 469.764.2270
Patient Safety Phone: 469.764.2506
Pharmacy (Outpatient Prescriptions) Phone: 469.764.7100
Physical Therapy and Rehab Phone: 469.764.4702
Pneumonia Clinic Phone: 469.814.3820
Pre Admission Testing Phone: 469.764.5400
Pulmonary Care Team Phone: 469.764.0207
Registration Phone: 469.764.2440
Safety & Emergency Management Phone: 469.764.6737
Security Phone: 469.764.4444
Sleep Lab 469.930.4503
Social Work Phone: 469.764.2600
Simply Mom’s Boutique Phone: 469.764.6262
Specialty Center Phone: 469.764.2273
Surgery Phone: 469.764.5100
Therapy Services Phone: 469.764.4702
Transitional Care Clinic Phone: 469.764.2273
Trauma Services Phone: 469.764.5500
Vascular Access Dialysis Unit Phone: 469.764.6390
Volunteer Services Phone: 469.764.2248
Wound Care Phone: 469.764.6921

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