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Joint Replacement

Baylor Scott & White Roney Bone and Joint Institute

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Total joint replacement

With advances in technology and surgical procedures, the orthopedic surgeons on our medical staff offer a variety of options for treating your joint issue, including total joint replacement. This approach completely replaces the damaged joint with an implant designed to provide you with a good-as-new joint that will help you regain range of motion, significantly reduce or eliminate pain, and resume your normal life. We offer:

  • Experienced joint replacement specialists
  • Prosthesis development to provide better, longer-lasting implants
  • Robotic-arm assisted technology
  • Fast recovery time

Minimally invasive surgical approaches are performed through the laparoscope and result with a quicker recovery. Our specially trained orthopedic surgeons perform:

  • Total knee replacements
  • Partial knee replacements
  • Total hip replacements​

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Rapid joint recovery program


Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Temple and Baylor Scott & White Roney Bone and Joint Institute have developed an innovative education and therapy program designed to help total joint replacement patients return home sooner – often three days post-op. Our coordinated care team combines early mobility with progressive rehabilitation and advanced pain management for rapid recovery.

Joint replacement patients selected for the Rapid Recovery Program will receive:

  • A pre-op class that provides information about how to prepare, and what to expect during and after surgery
  • An individualized, focused rehabilitation plan including physical and occupational therapy

If you are a total joint replacement patient, your surgeon will discuss with you whether the Rapid Recovery Program is right for you.

Anterior hip replacement

For many people suffering from arthritis, hip pain, stiffness and/or limited hip movement, the only option for relief is a total hip replacement. However, our facility offers anterior hip replacement, a proven, minimally invasive technique.

Anterior hip replacement allows access to the hip joint through natural muscle planes instead of cutting through hip muscles. Patients who are candidates for this surgical technique typically experience reduced pain and faster recovery time.


Partial knee replacement

A partial knee replacement, also known as an uncompartmental knee arthroplasty, replaces part of the knee with an artificial implant when the joint becomes painful or nonfunctional due to severe damage from disease such as arthritis. The procedure, an alternative to total knee replacement, is performed if only one of the three compartments of your knee is affected.  Because it is a minimally invasive surgery, hospital stays and recovery times are generally shorter than those for total knee replacements.


Joint wellness notebooks


A notebook specific to your surgery has been prepared by the Joint Wellness team to aid in your recovery. Download by clicking one of the following links.

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