What is hip pain?

The hip is one of the most stable joints in the body. But its function, bearing the body's weight, makes it susceptible to arthritis or injury due to excessive pressure. Hip pain may be caused by injury to muscles, tendons or bursae (small fluid-filled sacs that cushion and lubricate joints).

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Hip pain treatment

When pain can no longer be managed by medication and lifestyle changes, sometimes it's necessary to remove the damaged bone and replace it with a prosthetic hip implant. Baylor Scott & White Health offers advanced options for hip replacement surgery, including anterior hip replacement and robotic-assisted procedures.

Treatment plans for patients will be determined by their care team based on age, medical history, type and stage of hip pain and personal preferences. Hip pain treatment options may include:

  • Medication
  • Physical therapy
  • Surgery
    • Surgery for hip fracture
    • Minimally invasive total hip replacement
    • Hip arthroscopy
    • Hip preservation
    • Hip resurfacing