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Baylor Scott & White Blood Center

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Our History & Who We Are


The Baylor Scott & White Blood Center is an innovative hospital-based patient service that ensures the availability of an extensive variety of safe and adequate blood products and performs comprehensive apheresis therapies, serving the Central Region of Baylor Scott & White Health since 1949.

We are your community blood center.

The Baylor Scott & White Blood Center is your local community blood center, with the same people and the same goal: to supply you and your family, friends and neighbors, with a safe and robust blood supply that is both collected and remains right here in Central Texas.

Our Blood Center has been collecting blood products from local central Texans since 1949, when the Scott & White Blood Bank was officially established (shortly after the founding of the American Association of Blood Banks – now known as AABB – in 1947). Over time, our name was changed to the Scott & White Blood Center, and then to the Baylor Scott & White Blood Center, but our roots have remained. We were originally established within the Scott & White Memorial Hospital campus, and are here to this day (albeit in slightly larger quarters!). We are what is traditionally referred to as a ‘vein to vein’ blood center – meaning all blood we collect is also processed here onsite in our Component Processing lab, and then transferred to our Transfusion Services inventory until it is issued to one of our patients in Central Texas.

Since its inception, the Blood Center has maintained a focus on quality and safety, all while striving to take care of you – our much loved donors and neighbors – with warmth, a caring attitude, and a friendly smile. Our Blood Center is highly regulated and inspected regularly by accrediting and regulatory agencies to guarantee only the safest blood products are collected for our patients, in addition to ensuring a safe and positive donation experience for our donors. We are registered with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), accredited by the AABB, and regulated by the College of American Pathologists CAP).

Blood Supply and Products

In the first year of operation, the Scott & White Blood Bank supplied 1,868 transfusions. Prior to 1949 blood was transfused, but not banked for any significant length of time. Blood donors had to be located from patient’s family members or paid donors, and only enough blood was collected in glass jars to meet immediate patient needs.

Fast forward to present date, in which the Blood Center collects whole blood, most of which is processed into packed red cells, fresh frozen plasma, or liquid plasma. We also collect and supply apheresis platelets, plasma and double red cells, enabling our Blood Center to meet the transfusion needs of a wide array of complex patient cases.

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Temple, is the only designated Level 1 Trauma Center between Dallas and Austin, designated by the Texas Department of Health and verified by the American College of Surgeons as offering the highest level of expertise and specialized resources for critically ill and injured patients.

The Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Temple Trauma Center is a facility designed to help families through any traumatic injury. In addition to the team of experts, there is another aspect to being a Level 1 Trauma Center – blood supply. Trauma cases typically require blood transfusion, sometimes in great quantities. To help best meet the immediate transfusion needs of trauma patients entering our Emergency Department, the Blood Center expanded collection abilities in 2019 by creating both Low Titer O whole blood and liquid plasma collection and production programs.

Platelet donors urgently needed to support local patients

The American Red Cross has advised that there is currently an ongoing shortage of platelet donations, nationwide.

Although our local community has given generously, there has been an overall decrease in number of platelet donors, while, as communicated by the ARC, the need for platelet transfusions has grown at "unforeseen" and "unexpected" rates, at both local and national levels.

Platelets are the component of your blood that is essential for normal clotting function, and they are critically important to the survival of many patients with clotting problems and cancers, as well as patients undergoing major surgeries or organ transplants. With a short shelf life of only 5 days, it is a growing challenge to maintain an adequate supply of these lifesaving blood products.

Walter Linz, MD, Director of Transfusion Medicine states "All blood product donations are appreciated. Apheresis platelet donations are particularly valuable for cancer patients which require a continuous and uninterrupted supply. That can only be accomplished in our area by donations from our patient’s friends and neighbors."

We need our community’s donations and support to meet patient needs - please consider becoming a regular platelet donor.

For more information on eligibility, or to schedule an appointment, call 254.724.4376.


There is presently a nationwide shortage of platelet products – a combined decrease in donations and increase in product need has resulted in limited platelet availability. Please consider being screened to become a platelet donor. For more information, call 254.724.4376.

Current blood product needs:

  • Red Cells: URGENT need for type O negative; ongoing need for types O positive, A, B
  • Platelets: URGENT need for types O, A, B
  • Plasma: Ongoing need for types AB and A

You asked, we listened

We are hosting bi-monthly Saturday blood drives in the Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Temple parking lot.

We are truly local

Your donations stay in your community to help your friends and neighbors

Our blood supply is provided solely by volunteer donors like you and is used exclusively for patients in our health system. So you can feel confident that your donation is truly helping your friends and neighbors during their time of need.


Chaplain inspires with milestone 100th blood donation

A Baylor Scott & White chaplain completed his 100th blood donation Friday, May 3, 2019, at Baylor Scott & White Blood Center in Temple.


Find a blood drive

In addition to a Blood Center, Baylor Scott & White also has several options available for a more convenient way for members of outlying communities and businesses to donate blood.

Our mobile crews are scheduled throughout each week and travel around Central Texas — including communities surrounding Killeen, Waco, College Station, Round Rock and Marble Falls.

Interested in hosting a blood drive?

By hosting a blood drive, your organization will help ensure a stable blood supply and adopt an excellent community service project benefiting the patients in our community.

This month's giveaway

Free limited-edition T-shirt and lapel pin


Blood Center Special Events

Are you interested in enjoying free food, raffles, and other special giveaways?

Donor Appreciation

Donating blood is truly an act worthy of appreciation! While we understand that blood donation is not often done for the accolades, we firmly believe that our volunteer blood donors, and the caring and compassion they show for our neighbors in need, deserve to be recognized and rewarded. Regular and consistent donations are what keep our local blood supply healthy and prepared for emergent situations, and which allow us to care for our patients in their time of need.

We have several ways of recognizing our donors’ commitment and generosity. Check out the links below for more details:

Annual Donor Appreciation Program: What is it and how do I qualify?

Employee Donor Day Off Program (Employees, email if you need your donation history, or information other than what is provided here.)

In fact, you can click here to view our donor appreciation statistics for 2019, as well as a special list of donors who went above and beyond the call of duty by giving above average quantities of blood products!

It is important to note that there is some risk of iron deficiency associated with regular blood donation. For this reason, the Baylor Scott & White Blood Center encourages our donors to replace the iron that is lost during donation – this can be achieved through a healthy diet of iron rich foods, or through iron supplementation (we recommend consulting your healthcare provider before starting an iron supplementation regimen). Healthy donors are the only source for a robust community blood supply!

Barbara Parker
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