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Find Dr. Right.

Your search for Dr. Right is over in 3 simple steps.

Our provider finder lets you browse more than 1,000 providers on the medical staff at our facilities in more than 130 different specialties. Search below to find the right one for you.

Use the filters to find Dr. Right

Easily search providers by name, specialty, location, gender or language.

With the most nationally ranked hospitals in Texas, Baylor Scott & White Health has thousands of experienced physicians on the medical staff, all with one focus in mind – providing quality care for you. So no matter where you live or work, Baylor Scott & White can help you find the right physician, right now.

Enter the type of provider you need.
Enter your nearest hospital or clinic, or search by your location.
Add more filters, if desired.

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Serving all people by providing personalized health and wellness through exemplary care, education and research.

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